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3D Upgrade Parts by MegaMoonMan

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3D Upgrade Parts by MegaMoonMan

Nonnef will be producing some of my designs! See the first one here:
Menasor Blackjack Chest Adapter · Nonnef Productions ·

GO TO Home for better pics of certain items.

These parts are made on a home 3D printer. As such, they are not like factory cast pieces, they are a lot more like shapeways parts, and may have small imperfections here and there. I inspect all parts for mechanical solidity before shipping, but please take the production method into account before buying and look carefully at the pics. You may have to do some minor adjusting and fitting.

S&H: not included. It's $4 - $6 per order in the US, $8 everywhere else for a couple small parts, $12 for kits and/or lots or parts.

Payment: PAYPAL. Only paypal, sorry.

Colors currently available:Black, semi transparent clear, orange, red

Below is what I'm currently offering:

Generations Metroplex upgrades $70 gets you the full kit - new hands, knees, and two ramps, or you can mix and match

Lower knee swivels, transforming hands and a ramp extension improve city mode dramatically. Ramp is hinged and flips out for transformation, and clips onto the end of the original ramp. No modding on the original figure is needed, but you do have to take his legs apart to install the replacement parts. The hands can transform into cannons/towers, when they are transformed you'll be hard pressed to tell they turn into hands at all. All original functionality is preserved, he can still hold all his guns securely. Additional ramp sections are $5 for a straight part and $7 for a swivel part. You can order just the knees for $20, just ramp parts, or just the hands for $40.

Brainstorm briefcase w/faceplate - $8. Includes wrist cuff and rubber cable. I also make a bigger one for Generations Brainstorm, same price. Pics soon.

MP Rodimus shoulders - $10 a pair Installed pics:

They are solid and work great, but installing them is a bit of a PITA. You reuse the existing pins, and to get them out you have to cut the old part completely away. You install the pin with the spring first, and you need a steady hand and a good needle nose pliers to do it. Taking the upper shoulder apart would make it easier, but it has three screws and a pin that hold it together, and that pin does not want to come out.

I also have the knees and ankles, $10 a pair for those as well. I can make them in red, orange or black, the red is bright and looks strange, I recommend black, but orange might not look too bad, it's close to the orange he has.

Black MP Rodimus knees - $10 a pair

I couldn't get the teeth on the spring ratchet side to work as they are too small, but the spring holds it tight enough without them. The other side ratchets like normal. It may look a little rough but it works great, and you don't really see it anyway.

I'm charging $10 a pair for these, PM if you want a set. When you install these be aware that you may have to ream out the holes on them a TINY bit with a knife, you don't want just force these on, that's what made the originals break in the first place. They should pivot easily but you don't want them loose either.

Classics Grapple crane mount - $8 It's a part that permanently moves the crane on classics Grapple to his back, and allows for transformation to truck mode, NO partsforming. Works with Inferno too, and if you have the ladder I will include an adapter. It slips on and off, no permanent mods necessary. Pics show it in gray but it will be black to match everything it attaches to.

Whirl "hand" adapters - $8 a pair

He can now hold any 5mm accessory. Designed to fit flush to the arm, and can stay on in alt mode.

Bird tape replacement head and neck - $5 Works just like the original.

Ratbat ears - $4 a pair Not purple, but they look OK in black if I do say so myself.

Ratbat guns - $10 a pair Shown in gray, but looks great in gold.

G1 Megatron stand for gun mode - $20 Decepticon emblems on three sides. This is a big print (biggest part I offer so far).

Classics Megs upgrade set - $8 He has a left hand now! I also made a part that allows his gun to mount on his shoulder. It works the same as the old part, the spinny thing still works if you're into that. It has a 5mm hole, and it can be used in tank mode as another gun mount. The fist requires you to pull one pin to install it, but the new one snaps in so no need to reinstall the pin. I'm pricing the new fist and shoulder gun mount set at $8.

GDO Springer 3rd mode kit - $20- allows you to transform him into a car without destroying other toys for parts. No partsforming, no mods to the original figure. He draws on the ideas in all the mods we've seen and adds some new ones.

This is what I'm calling the "official" car mode for my kit, very Batman tumbler looking:

Helicopter mode is not compromised (it's actually improved IMO), thanks to the wheels being designed to look like rotors and being able to fold up on top. Landing gear still works normally. He's a turbo-prop-copter thing now:

And robot mode is typical of the customs you see, wheel heels and jet props on his back:

and his gun:

This kit is $20. It includes two wheels on missile-type stems that plug into the missile launchers (they lock and eject like normal) and two clip-on jointed wheel assemblies for the black parts on his legs. It also comes with two clips and a gun, one to hold the sword and one to hold the gun, they clip onto one of the common clip rails. No mods needed, and yes the wheels can spin.

Defender Heels - $6 a pair

The heels have a hole on the bottom to plug onto the hex shaped peg on his arms for vehicle storage:


G1 animal tape stands - $4 for short version and $6 for long version - Tired of your tapes falling over in animal mode? Fix it with one of these. They are made from translucent blue plastic and have detailing that evokes movement. Tapes can be made to stand only on their back legs with one of these (see Ramhorn). Use caution with tapes that have painted feet, the stands may have some internal rough edges that can scratch paint. A light sanding will prevent that.

G1 Devastator heels - $12 - if you have one of the various add-on kits for G1 Devs you may have noticed he's a little back heavy. I have designed two heels that plug into each foot and provide a solid base for him. A light trimming with a hobby knife may be needed to give you a snug custom fit. These are $12 a pair and will fit any version of the mold.

G1 Blaster elbow/bicep swivel joints, gun clip and more - $25 - this kit includes two new elbow/bicep swivel sections for Blaster that replace the black part in his arm, simply remove the screws, pull that part out and put these in. Also includes a peg that installs on his gun so it can store on the back of alt mode (makes it look like an antenna) and since he can bring his hands up to his face with these new joints - a microphone accessory (just seems appropriate). YES, he can transform with these new parts! This kit takes a while to print out and put together so the cost reflects that - $25 will get you the kit. As with the Dev heels you might need to do a little trimming on the parts to get them to fit in just right. First pic shows redesigned mic. ALSO includes a peg that allows him (or Soundwave) to hold one their tapes through one of the tape holes (thanks Dracomancer for the idea).

Snapdragon dino mode neck - $4 - An improvement but not too dramatic. It's a new clip that installs permanently in his neck and holds his head at a better angle. Other modes are not affected. A simple part, a simple price - $4.

In the future -

Who knows?

Comment here or PM me if interested in anything. I am open to requests.
All kinds of wonderful parts

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I would love to see the articulated Metroplex fists when they're ready. That sounds super cool!
Originally Posted by Anguirus View Post
Currently thanking every god in the universe that DethPike does not know Japanese.
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Very interested in the springer third mode kit.
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Originally Posted by Fosterlager View Post
Very interested in the springer third mode kit.
A Cheaper, and maybe better more playable alternative to Defender is always welcome,
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LF: Maketoys Dump Truck's Yellow or Green Left shoulder piece(the one with the missles carved)
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Sorry, got tied up in other stuff and couldn't print the finals to take pics. Should have them tomorrow.
All kinds of wonderful parts
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look foward to the springer kit

Originally Posted by Arcee
Things used to go smoother when I just shot everybody.
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I'm curious to see the pictures.
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How about G1 Jetfire leg clips. Those damn things go for gold on Ebay. Plus I need two sets.
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Defs digging springer kit.
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Originally Posted by autotronprime View Post
How about G1 Jetfire leg clips. Those damn things go for gold on Ebay. Plus I need two sets.
These things?

If I had one to copy I could do that for sure, but unfortunately I don't. If somebody wanted to loan me one to take measurements of I could totally do that. I'd only need one assuming they are mirror copies of one another.
All kinds of wonderful parts

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