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Friendship Pony's Happy Fun World!!!

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Old 03-10-2011, 05:59 PM   #1
death bringer
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Friendship Pony's Happy Fun World!!!

Welcome to the wonderful world of transformers. A place where you can buy sell and trade! Prices are not set in stone and do not include shipping.Paypal is the preferred form of payment.Also please see my website for more items

Masterpiece starscream(walmart) with coronation kit missing 1 finger 110.00


Crumplezone has key missing 2 missiles 10.00
Dirt boss missing key 5.00
Scatershot Loose complete 15.00
Starscream (supreme)complete 50.00
Thundercracker complete 11.00
Undermine 4.00
Barricade AKA onslaught from bruticus 45.00
Demolisher no missiles or minicon 4.00
Downshift w/ card missing both guns missile and spoiler 8.00
Energon minicon sword (clear yellow one) 10.00
Hot shot (silver) missing gun missile and hood has file card 5.00
Insecticon loose complete 5.00
Offshot losse complete 4.00
Overcast missing gun and missile 12.00
Overload (armada) missing missiles 25.00
Rodimus missing gun missile and left spoiler piece 5.00
Skyblast loose complete 7.00
Sledge bot only 7.00
Starscream (green) missing bigger sword 7.00
Checkpoint and prowl file card 4.00
Cliffjumper file card 4.00
Landmine file card 4.00

Backstop MOSC 4.00
Blaster missing ,drone 15.00
Blaster MISB 30.00
Brakedown MOSC 5.00
Ironhide complete with card and instructions 35.00
Powerglide (red) box only 8.00
Optimus prime(classic) w/ box. missing smokestack gun 50.00
Trypticon (legend) loose complete 5.00

Reveal the shield/Generations

Battle in space MISB 25.00
Blurr MOC 18.00
Bumblebee (legend) MOSC 5.00
Chopsaw MOSC 10.00
Deep dive MISB 25.00
Dirge missing 2 missiles 6.00
Junkheap MOSC 20.00
Megatron (legend) MOSC 6.00
Nightstick(from Bis pack) 6.00
Optimus prime (legend) MOSC 7.00
Pan handler MOSC 5.00
Perceptor MOSC 16.00
Prowl (legend) MOSC 7.00
Scourge MOSC 18.00
Skullgrin loose complete 12.00
Skullgrin MOSC 20.00
Skyshadow MOSC 15.00
Special ops jazz MOSC 20.00
Special ops jazz loose complete 14.00
Starscream (legend grey head variant) MOSC 15.00
Trailcutter (legend) MOSC 10.00
Thundercracker complete W/ card 15.00
Thunderwing MOSC 15.00
Turbo tracks Loose complete complete 15.00
Turbo tracks w/ repro labels 20.00
Wreck-gar MOSC 25.00


Blitzwing MISB 28.00
Bulkhead (activators) loose complete 5.00
Bumblebee (delux) MOSC 15.00
Bumblebee (delux) loose complete 7.00
Bumblebee (activators) loose complete 5.00
Grimlock MISB 30.00
Ironhide MOSC 20.00
Ironhide loose complete 12.00
Jazz MOSC 15.00
Jetstorm (blue one) complete 12.00
Lockdown MOSC 11.00
Lugnut MIB 15.00
Megatron (leader) MISB 45.00
Megatron (activators) loose cloose complete 7.00
Oil slick MOSC 15.00
Optimus prime (cybertron mode delux) MOSC 12.00
Ratchet missing all 4 tools 5.00
Rodimus minor MOSC 25.00
Shockwave (grey) MISB 30.00
Shockwave (grey) loose complete w/ instructions 18.00
Snarl missing loose complete 5.00
Snarl MOC 8.00
Soundwave MOC 20.00
Starscream (activator)MOC 10.00
Starscream (voyager) MIB 20.00
Starscream (voyager) MISB 30.00
Sunstorm 3 pack MISB 40.00
Sunstorm complete 25.00
Swindle loose complete 20.00
Ultra magnus MIB 40.00
Wreck-gar MISB 35.00

2007 Movie
Bonecrusher missing weapon 10.00
Bonecrusher MOSC
Jazz loose complete 7.00
Landmine missing kneecaps/grill has instructions 8.00
Longarm missing missile 7.00
Optimus prime(leader premium) missing gun and missile 45.00
Payload loose complete 5.00
Ratchet (voyager) bot only 5.00
Ratchet (voyager red and white)missing roof rack weapon 6.00
Starscream loose complete w/ instructions 15.00
'76 camarro bumblebee loose complete 12.00
'76 camarro bumblebee loose complete w/ instructions 15.00
'76 camarro bumblebee (legend) loose complete 5.00

Blazemaster loose complete x2 3.00 ea.
Brawn loose complete w/ instructions 8.00
Defender optimus prime MISB 18.00
Dirtboss loose complete 5.00
Enforcer ironhide MOSC (legend) 5.00
HA jazz MIB complete 55.00
HA shadow blade sideswipe MISB 40.00
Mixmaster loose complete 25.00
Rampage (yellow) loose complete 5.00
Rampage (red) loose complete 7.00
Ransack loose complete 5.00
Reverb complete w/ instruct 5.00
Starscream (leader)missing gun claw,pilot,and missiles 25.00

Breacher MOSC 10.00
Hailstorm loose complete 7.00
Hubcap MOSC 12.00
Oil pan loose complete 7.00
Ravage (legend) MOSC 5.00
Sea spray MISB 25.00
Seaspray loose complete 15.00
Sunspot MISB 10.00
Sunspot loose complete 7.00


Autobot ark w/ sentinel prime MISB 25.00
Barricade loose complete w/ card 10.00
Barricade loose complete w/ instructions 8.00
Battle in the moonlight complete w/ box 12.00
Bumblebee(nitro) missing mech tech weapon 3.00
Bumblebee (nitro) loose complete 6.00
Bumblebee (nitro) MOSC card has some damage 9.00
Flash freeze assault MISB 25.00
Guzzle loose complete w/ instructions and card 8.00
Hatchet loose complete 7.00
HA roadbuster MISB 30.00
HA leadfoot MISB 30.00
Jazz (black target exc.) complete w/ instructions 15.00
Jolt loose complete 5.00
Megatron w/ blastwave base 15.00
Powerglide loose complete w/ card 10.00
Roadbuster loose complete w/ card 10.00
Sentinel prime (commander) loose complete 5.00
Shockwave (voyager) head is kind of loose MIB 15.00
Sideswipe loose complete w/ card 10.00
Soundwave (legend) MOSC 5.00
Space case loose complete w/ instructions 20.00
Topspin loose complete w/ card 10.00
Ultimate Optimus Prime MISB 55.00
Wreckers (legends) all 3 loose 12.00

5 packs
Bombshock w/combaticons loose complete 15.00
crankcase w/ destrons MISB 12.00
Doubleclutch no drones 5.00
Over-run MISB 30.00
Skyburst MISB 15.00
Steamhammer MISB 15.00
2 packs
Icepick w/ chopster MOSC 10.00
Icepick w/chopster loose complete 6.00
Leadfoot W/ pinpoint MOSC 10.00
Leadfoot w/ pinpoint loose complete w/ instructions 6.00
Mudslinger no drones 6.00
Searchlight missing minicon 5.00
smolder w/ chopster MOSC 10.00
Undertow w/ waterlog MOSC 20.00


Grimlock's nameplate 2.00
Grimlock's base and nameplate 5.00
Jetfire box,base and nameplate no figure 10.00
Soundwave's base and nameplate 5.00

FE arcee 30.00
RID dead end 20.00
RID hot shot 18.00
RID arachnid 25.00
RID vehicon 45.00
RID megatron MIB 25.00
RID voyager starscream 30.00
RID soundwave MOSC 25.00
RID wheeljack MOSC 16.00
RID cliffjumper MOSC 16.00
RID legend ratchet MOSC 6.00
RID legend arcee MOSC 6.00
RID legend cliffjumper MOSC 6.00

3rd party and customs

Custom alternators Dead end 20.00
junkion blacksmith soundblaster and nemesis prime MISB 16.00 EA.
Igear spray MISB 35.00
Igear Black Rager MIsB 59.00
BTS sonicron MISB 40.00
KO Ghost starscream Mint never transformed with plastic 45.00
TFC Exgraver MIB 80.00

Crossover figures

Millenium falcon for parts 5.00

Lion-o 6" MOSC 15.00
Panthro 6" 15.00
Mummra stom charger missing mummra MIB 30.00
Cheetara MOSC 25.00
mummra (classic style) 25.00
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Free bump to ask question, since I didn't see a picture of this one:

bruticus 100% complete. 50.00
That sounds kind of steep for a loose three-headed dog. Do you mean Ruination (the redeco of G1 Bruticus)?

(I'm not interested in buying either one. Just thought there might be more interest if you clarified which one you're selling.)
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Old 03-16-2011, 12:11 PM   #3
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ok just to clarify a little more the big white guy with the little black one is metro plex not galvatron gonna pm ya also
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Old 03-20-2011, 02:47 PM   #4
Deemar's Ebay Auctions
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Location: Calgary, Alberta
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Can you send me a price on these shipped to Alberta?
- Devastator
- Sunstreaker (complete)
- Roadbuster
- Mirage
- Powerglide
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Old 03-20-2011, 04:35 PM   #5
Decepticon Assault Team
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Interested in G1 Warpath. PM sent.
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hi interested with your optimal optimus, PM sent.
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Old 03-26-2011, 11:21 PM   #7
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PM Sent!
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PM for Wheelie with face shield 3.00 and powerglide missing wing pin 1.00
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Old 04-19-2011, 12:13 PM   #9
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Great guy to deal with. Hands down.
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giant green ogre
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Ruination still for sale and do you have a ebay account.
mechanized ogre bulkhead
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