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Christmas Haul (Non-TF Edition)

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Old 12-23-2012, 02:51 PM   #1
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Christmas Haul (Non-TF Edition)

yes i know its still not xmas, as its still 2-1 days away, but whatever, some people celebrate xmas early/already opened their presents, so if anybody already opened his/her stuff show us

i'll show mine in Xmas.
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>_> I got a rock...
Originally Posted by seali_me View Post
I don't buy turd party...
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Originally Posted by TheDemonDzko View Post
>_> I got a rock...
Wrong holiday.

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Originally Posted by FatalT 71 View Post
Wrong holiday.
Maybe he was on santa's naughty list and got a lump of coal? That still counts as a rock.
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Originally Posted by ZeroEdge View Post
Maybe he was on santa's naughty list and got a lump of coal? That still counts as a rock.
Or maybe Santa's decided to try being a little more environmentally friendly this year. Coal burning is terrible for the environment, after all.

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Not too far in the future from now, all that coal people get may be worth something, considering the depletion of natural resources and all.
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Totally relavant to the coal discussion: Nichijou 22 - Merry Christmas - YouTube

When I was a kid my best friend got to open one present on Chirstmas Eve every year. I told my mom that and she just said, "just be patient; Chirstmas is tomorrow. You've waited this long." So I gotta wait until the 25th to get my haul. I can't wait to get my VITA! AND I fiinally have a thread to tell this story in! *ahem*

My dad decided that he wanted to take the family out for supper so I was in the car with him when he picked my mom up from work. She walks out and I wave "hi" to her and even say "hi" but then she started saying stuff like, "when does it arrive?" to which my dad didn't say anything. So she repeated herself; he didn't say anything, and then she said, "I got Jas Hot Shot Golf" my dad responded to this by patting my mom on the arm and pointed into the back seat. All that came out of my mom's mouth was "oh fuck!" and then my dad and I started laughing because we're complete jerks. My dad also said, "How didn't you see her?" and the my mom started laughing.

The next day my dad said, "Hey, be honest with me. What do you think you're getting for Chistmas?" so I said, "A Playstation VITA and Hot Shots Golf for it" my dad confirmed that so now I know. He's also very open when talking about me getting a VITA now since my mom knows that I know.

It does suck for her since she loves surprising me. Well, none of my birthday presents have been spoiled for me...yet.

EDIT: Oh! I totally forgot about the family gathering being un-cancelled! So I'll be getting some stuff on Christmas Eve. But not too much since it'll mostly be my grandma giving me physical gifts while my aunt usually stuffs a $20 bill in my hand and hugs me.

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so far, from the brothers from my mom's side and their families i have gotten:
130 dollars
the dark knight rises on DVD and blu-ray (going to return and get futurama season 7 instead)
ted on DVD and blu-ray
the batman movie trilogy on DVD with a "making of" booklet
a pushup... kit... thing?
and exercise gloves
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i already got my xmas present a month ago: the Nintendo Wii U in black.

i got the dark knight rises that i opened on my bday 2 days ago.

that it until christmas day.

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I've gotten a bit of money so far.

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