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2010 Bumble Bee Camaro

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2010 Bumble Bee Camaro


First let me say I am a big fan of Transformers, NOT of the recent M. Bay movie crap but the old school stuff. Don't get me wrong I like the movies I just don't like to look of the robots or the childish humor that Bay likes to make the robots do in his movies. Here is a picture of some of the Bumble Bee toys I have.

With that said, I love this car and wouldn't trade it for anything EVER. Now this car was not ordered by me it was all done by my wonderful wife. How it was brought to my attention was on Transformers website that GM would be making a Transformers edition Camaro "I was looking at Challengers at the time" and I mentioned it to my wife. She asked which one I would rather have and I said it would not really matter I would enjoy either one, the whole conversation was irrelevant due to our money situation anyway. Well I followed up with my dealer to find some more information "my brother had an IOM Camaro currently on order with them" and I was told when they could start taking orders and that I should put mine in ASAP. I told my wife what new information I found out and it destroyed the idea of us getting the Transformers edition due to the time constraints and the funds to back it up. Life went on an I figured I would just get a Challenger in the following year. Well as you can guess the wife went to the dealership and ordered the car anyways in June without saying anything to me. Now when November came around the car came in, and two months before she expected it she wasn't sure how she was going to tell me. She decided that she was just going to tell me and see what I thought about it before she went through with the purchase. She started off by saying "I ordered you something and it has come in earlier than what I expected" being November I assumed it was something for Christmas and either needed my help getting it into the house or wanted to hide it in a room and didn't want me to use the room until after the holiday's were over. Then she just told me she got me a Transformers Camaro, I'm like OK but I don't really like the movie toys did you get a good deal on it? "No" she says the real Camaro edition car I'm like she says "If you want to see it, its at the dealership now" well what the hell we waiting for then. When I saw it, it was and I was like at my wife and a couple days later I was like to my younger brothers Stang.

Here is how Bee came from the dealership a stock 2SS/RS with the Transformers package.

Added some vinyl to the side gills got them off of e-bay from a awesome seller. Todd Holloway

I highly recommend him!

Added an SS bracket above the SS for my Autobot symbol, and painted the bowtie to match the one from the movie.

Painted the rear bowtie to match and added a Autobot symbol to the back as well. Like my Personal Tag? Wife's idea, she's so smart.

Added floor mats and the MGW shifter knob. Also a little autobot symbol to the steering wheel.

Key plate from Emblem Pro's, thanks again Roger looks great. Also Roger is making me a plate for my engine cover I will post pictures once I get it.

My new headrests back from the embroider.



Added and windshield banner which I designed myself and new exhaust.

The next big upgrade will be the rims I am going to get the ones that were on the Camaro in the second movie. The new toys coming out this year are making it tough to save.

UPDATE: Yellow interior installed.



After: I added some black vinyl under the headlights to match the movie.

After - After : I went ahead and painted the chin with some plati-dip to give it more of a movie look next I will be adding a splitter.

Engine bay mods

Here are a couple pictures of what the engine bay looks like when you get the car from the factory. I know engine bay pictures "exciting" and most people don't know what they are looking at. Anyways I have started taking my car to car shows and the engine bay is a big part of what get judged so I knew this is something I needed to work on.

OK the stock color of the engine cover is Silver you can order an additional cover in your car's color for an additional $350 so that didn't happen. Well now that I want to enter in shows I was curious how much it would cost me to get it painted, turns out around $250 but how I wanted it $350. Pictures of the engine cover stock.

First I sanded down all the silver to give it some texture and get rid of the shine and added three coats of yellow.

I wanted the letters to be black so they would stand out against the yellow background so I had the letters cut out in vinyl. Applied them to the cover and put two coats of clear coat over them.

Next I wanted the black to have more of a gloss finish two it so I taped off the yellow put to coats of adhesion promoter and some white primer (so I could see any missing spots when I "Paint it Black").

Next I sanded the primer and washed / prepped it for paint. Then three coats later of a gloss back and one clear coat all the painting was done.

Finally I wanted to add some chrome flair to it so I drilled out the fake bolt heads on the cover went to the local hardware store and purchase some real bolts with a chrome finish to them and put them in. Then I had my buddy Roger, laser a chrome plate that said "Transformers Edition" and I bought and LS3 badge and had him laser in "Camaro RS/SS" in that for me.

Sorry I don't have any pictures yet of it installed in the car I will post them on Friday. I'm going to pick up a chrome oil cap as will with an Autobot symbol on that, I hope that will not overdue it on the chrome but I'll just have to see.

UPDATE!!! 9-16-11

As promised pictures of it installed in the engine bay.

I also painted the fuse cover, actually I painted that first to see if the yellow I purchased was going to match the car. If not that would have been a lot cheaper to replace as compared to buying a new engine cover.
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Killer car!!!
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ENGINE!!!! SHOW THE ENGINE!!! haha your lucky to have a great wife
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1 word
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You better be good to your wife and to the car you lucky bastard! lol I'm so jealous right now.
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Originally Posted by Fishdirt View Post
ENGINE!!!! SHOW THE ENGINE!!! haha your lucky to have a great wife
Getting the engine cover painted plus I am waiting on a customized plate for the cover as well. I will post pictures once it is finished.

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I thought you had the yellow interior panels being made too, did you scrap that (or am I remembering wrong)?

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Originally Posted by firehawc_69 View Post
I thought you had the yellow interior panels being made too, did you scrap that (or am I remembering wrong)?
No, the yellow interior is still on the list I tried to get them from GM but it was put on back order. I waited about two months and when I followed up on my order they canceled it. Then the money got used for something more important at that moment. I found an online retailer with it in stock but it will be $350 plus shipping. Also I would have to remove some of the paint from the two door panels so the interior blue light could come throw. I could get the MP Rodimus and the Reissue Predaking with that scratch. Decisions, decisions.

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That is BADASS!!!! One thing though, do NOT drive it in DC. I believe there is footage of what might happen if you do.


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Can I haz your wife? are one lucky who's actually making payments on it? Congrats on the purchase. I had thought about purchasing one but my wife shot it down with the quickness. It was either a minivan or a big suv for me.

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