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M-31 Designs Cast Accessories

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I Still Function!!!!!!!!

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Attention: I'm back online, will be contacting those from "the eyes have it" list


M-31 Designs is where to find custom cast accessories for you classics figures such as weapons different heads! My prototypes are hand made with a combination of left over parts or in somecases completely built from scratch.

A little about me; this all started little over a year ago with the perceptor sniper rifle and has gone on from there as i am constantly making new accessories and weapons to update our beloved classics. I grew up with Transformers and to see the brand where it is today is simply amazing, i was a little late to the G1 era as i was born in 83 so i didnt get a lot of the original toys. As a result of this classics is like a plastic crack addiction which i dont mind having.

i do accept commissions but on a limited basis mostly becasue of orders and my own projects. I have very high standards when it comes to the quality of my casts and i would like to think that i set the bar pretty high for a guy working out of his kitchen in is spare time.

The ordering process you can either send me a PM on the boards or email me at im constantly on the boards and checking my email since my current job gives me plenty of time for these things. Once you have contacted me and establised what you want (unpainted or painted or whatever options i have availible) I will begin casting. At this point I DO NOT TAKE MONEY UNTIL ITEMS ARE READY TO SHIP this is best for both parties as sometimes my real job or life cuts into my freetime. Once your order is completed I will contact you for payment and when its recieved the item ships. There is an extra 2 dollar charge an all international orders to cover the cost of higher shipping.

things to note it you order someting Unpainted

i try my best to eliminate most of the prep work, but in the end this is an unpainted product and after it is primed or painted there will more than likely be some work required on your end. If you order unpainted please do not assume it is imediatly ready for paint check it over before painting or prime the part.

also most parts are designed to be painted and may fit loosely until painted.

and most importantly I try very hard to make all my customers happy so if the part arrives broken notify me so i can replace it.

I think that about covers it so here is what i have availible at this time

M31 sniper kit currently unavailible due to redesign

price is 25 unpainted
28 painted as seen in pics

items area availible individually upon request

images courtesy of Unicron Nemesis

(installation notes) the head is cast as a replacement of the front half of the factory face but does not have eye sockets for the light pipeing to come through in the likely event your original head is glued together the light piping may seperate during removal and the eyes remain with the face. I intend on casting the rear half of the head at a later point to remedy this issue but do know that when taking apart the RTS/united head there is a high possibility the original light piping may break

M3A1 disrupter rifle

Price is 10 unpainted
12 painted in color of your choice


vx-9 Impact Thrusters

price is 12 dollars a pair unpainted
14 dollars for a set painted (color of your choice due to variation in molds)
price break on multiple sets

MXM13 assault array currently unavailible due to redesign

this design has interchangable tips it is the same pair of weapons in all of the above pictures. each pair comes with one set of tips of your choice, the other can be purchased should you want both sets for a particular seeker

price is 12 unpainted with your choice of tip

price is 14 painted to color match with your seeker

(installers note) this weapon was designed with a ridge on the 5mm peg that can be shaved down to accomidate the variation in the 5mm port size for this mold ie henkei thundercracker or any of the henkei seekers

M-31 Air Warfare Set currently unavailible due to redesign

any 7 pairs of the seeker weapons painted to match and shipped 70 in the US

international shipping will vary


based on the deisgn form the IDW Last Stand of the Wreckers cover art
currently unavailible due to redesign

MWS6 Blaster

Price is 7 unpainted
8 painted

M45 tactical shotgun

currently unavailible due to redesign

R&R Heads

based on the designs from IDW Infiltration, these heads were made with the rts genertations tracks/wheeljack mold in mind and fits that ball joint

cast in black and white then painted satin white and satin black or plain and can be painted to match your custom. head has light piping and can be done in translucent or solid red (buyers choice no charge)

price is 22 shipped for both heads colored to match

20 shipped if you want them unpainted


This piece was designed for custom devastators but i have also found it fits the TFC hercules (not-devastator) and i have a connector plate that fits on the back of this piece so it is a direct replacement on TFC hercules

price is 25 shipped painted or unpainted

(installers note) As i dont have a Hercules personnally the connector is cast seperate and To ensure correct fit ment needs to be applied by the customer. It simply glues in place and the reason for this is i cant center it on the figure as i do not have him.

M Class ION Cannon

this part is pressure cast in black

this is not a painted part this is cast in color

price is 12.00

E31 Armed Logic

Pics in coming but this is a g1 esque arm cannon for your foc shockwave, direct plug and play. Cast in 2 parts the arm attachment is cast in black and the barrel is cast in a translucent plastic that matches the factory translucent color.

Optional colors are available: translucent purple or solid black if the end user intends on painting

Price is 13 shipped discount on multiples

TFC The eyes have it kit

If you are like me you think autobots dont have yellow eyes than this one is for you. In light of the TFC Project Uranos here are replacement parts for the Yellow eyes and canopies. currently i only have phantom and eagle parts availible but as the others are released i will offer parts for them as well. The eyes are a transparent blue and the canopies are offered in either a transparent blue or clear (seen at the bottom of the second pic below

price is 4 dollars per head for eyes and 4 dollars per canopy

i also have parts availible for blackbird pics coming soon but here is the price breakdown

blackbirds eyes $6 (includes phantom ray's eyes)
blackbirds canopy $4

Uranos combiner eyes $7 (in red or blue)
Visor $1 each (in red blue or opaque red)
Gold antennas $2 for the pair

and here is a tutorial for swapping out he canopies
Tfc uranos canopy swap

Thanks for looking and check back often as i am always updating with new items as they are developed and made availible.

I have a list of eventual products i would like to have for my personal collection and almost always make a thread in radicons for them. If enough interest is generated i make a mold and add it here.

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Old 04-20-2011, 09:50 PM   #3
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Picked up a metallic silver pistol which arrived on Monday.
I would reccomend getting at least one for your Perceptor or whomever.
Shipping was fast, (send on Saturday got it on Monday) and was kept notified of every step from ordering to Megatron31 giving me a tracking number when he shipped it.
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Old 04-30-2011, 07:26 AM   #4
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Received my RTS/United Perceptor Sniper Rifle & Handguns. Thanks bro! Will definitely get more stuff from you in the future!

Ironically I don't own a RTS Perceptor yet...

U.NEM STUDIOS (Facebook Photo Album Page)
My Collection
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Old 05-03-2011, 12:52 AM   #5
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got my guns today. Have to say outstanding job on the work, I just finsihed painting mine they look great in perciptors hands
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Old 05-03-2011, 07:27 AM   #6
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glad to hear they arrived safe and sound, (i worry about the rifle sometimes) please post up some pics when you get them painted, i like to see how everyone does them

thanks again

I Still Function!!!!!!!!

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Old 05-07-2011, 02:49 AM   #7
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i painted them to show wear and grime, weapons that had a lot of use
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Old 05-10-2011, 06:55 PM   #8
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just got this finished for a customer and wanted to show it off for him

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-img_20110510_184836.jpg   -img_20110510_184900.jpg   -img_20110510_184933.jpg  

I Still Function!!!!!!!!

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on my ops
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Old 05-12-2011, 08:44 PM   #10
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Very cool, I'm going to try and paint it red to match perceptor.
if you make any changes, I would just straighten the handle a little more to make it fits Perceptors hand better.. but really good work, I love it!
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