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Geez you guys are killing me here! Theres little to no activity in the thread as of late, and if you guys wonder why the site isnt already done its due to the level of interest mainly.

Anyway, heres yet another in depth review of the J-decker series. I know its not Da Garn, but while watching the series i was taken aback and felt a serious need to get the review for this off my shoulders, i powered through all the episodes in 3 days, so here goes!


Brave Police J-decker is the 5th installment of the series. As an evolution of brave over the past few installments this series is part of the "now lets try something different but the same" catagory of series that started with Might Gaine. We still have all the base elements but has many other focus points that make it a truely unique series.

The backstory for the series focuses entirely on the creation of a Super AI that allows for robots that think. Alot of the key characters and villains touch on technology advancements that deal with this very Cyber punk style age of humanity. The very first successful Super AI was tested with a special police unit that eventually develops into Brave Police which is considered to be a Japan focused unit that has divisions in other parts of the world, as well as internally. Gun Max for example was considered part of a highway patrol unit. Duke was part of a Scotland Yard division, with units that look alot like the Diver team from Might Gaine with a different colorscheme and some slight styling.

When i first started watching J-decker, i had a funny feeling it would be like certain police based anime, where individual cases were presented each episode. I couldnt have been closer to the truth if i had stepped on it with steel toed boots. Fans of the usual type of Brave series will find that this lacks the collective villain aspsect weve come to enjoy. In its place we get Villains of the Day instead of monsters of the day. The way the villains of the day are presented is sometimes in waves which focus on a single mecha characters introduction and span a few episodes. The real villains if you want to say there are some in this series on a whole touch on the main theme of the series. Ill just say this. In the very end, this harkens back to the Exkaiser series in a rather unique way.

I guess i should touch on the series shining point to clarify the theme. This series focuses on the characterization of the mecha. It does an awesome job doing so, and i would consider this the best series for that out of any Brave show. By the end of the series i was left with an attachment for each mecha presented. The Designs are very reminiscient of the series theme, and are so good they leave me with a big mechanical stiffy.

Animation is the best, through and through. Theres only about .1% of the total series that has a degridation in animation, but its so unnoticeable unless your really paying attention to it. Imagine that those awesome transformation sequences spanned the whole episode and youll get some idea as to the shear level of quality that was put into the mech and character animation. The combat is ALWAYS good animation, and overall im not left dissapointed in any episode. The human characters are very well visually represented, and i just cant stop noticing their hair!

Alot of the episodes in the series can be counted as my favorites overall for the Brave series. The writers did a very good job on all fronts aside from a few select episodes and things in general.

I know ive been rather positive this whole review, and havent said anything substantially bad about the series. So let me get the bad comments out of the way now. About the only characters that urked me a bit were the annoying neighbors in Yuuta's town. About the only thing i dislike about the series other than that is the narrator, who is guaranteed to pop in and explain stuff each episode, mainly due to the fact that were introducing a new villain every episode, giving us a breif explaination without allowing us to figure it out by watching the episode itself. I would have appreciated an effort to work it into the episode with flashback or possibly enough at the start of the episode, but then again were given episodic exposure so its hard to without making the episode longer than the alloted timeslot, not to mention that the target age group needs a few things explained. please keep in mind i dont have any idea whats going on in this series aside from visuals and certain key words that i understand, and i was still able to get out of it what i needed without explainations. I seem to remember that other police anime suffer from this exact same thing, but i cant think of any other shining examples. Other than that I would have appreciated some kind of main villain such as a crime syndicate funding the other lesser villains, but no such luck, it felt like the villains were handled a little half assed and were left entirely to the writer for that episode to work in.

Again its something thats a side affect of the series focus which is entirely on characterizing the mecha of the series and the theme of can a robot be considered as more than just a robot. Of course theres still the main theme of courage that resounds throughout the series. Despite its small incidental flaws i highly recommend this series.

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