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J/K though, i really enjoyed that. Thanks Vang and hope you do more.

On a completely related note, i spent the day writing a detailed review of GGG Please keep in mind that this is highly influenced by the cynical video gaming reviews of a brilliant British born Australian man known as Ben "Yahtzee" Crosshaw, so expect me to pick the everloving shit out of this series for the amusement of all(btw please dont interpret this as a dislike of the series, just a pointing out of some plot holes and flaws that could have been fixed to perfect the series. Anyway with that out of the way, onto the review.


In this Brave fans opinion there are a few factors of each series that seem to take away from the series overall, and these usually have to do with its overall style. Exkaiser and fighbirds episodic repetitiveness for example, or Da Garn....well i cant say anything about Da Garn aside from a select few characters that annoyed me, it was just something about them.

My point is that for each of the previous series flaws, GaoGaiGar's writers have learned from this and have put all of those into a rocket and shot it into the sun, allowing for a series that takes only the best and enhances it with the popularity of the Super Robot genre, while giving it a 20cc injection of pure GAR(if you dont know the definition shame on you), which in my opinion was a Effing great idea, since the brave series seemed that way anywho. The series isnt without its flaws though and i will touch upon them as well.

So lets start with the backstory shall we. We have a Mechanical lion bearing a child from another planet who for some odd reason was able to home in on the only 2 people in japan who are model citizens and dont have a child of their own. How Galeon knew this is beyond me, but plot hole aside, these two individuals reluctantly adopt the child and raise it as their own. Galeon then somehow manages to find an individual at a Nasa style corporation and allows them to receive knowledge of the civilization that he had come from, warning them of the Zondarian invasion, allowing earth a chance by giving them time to develop weapons based on reverse engineering the tech from galeon. This is all of course before galeon saved earth from the initial zondar invasion of EI-01's ship, making the ship crash and somehow mysteriously dissapear directly below the Tokyo Tower. This part of the backstory is modified old anime story, but with a few twists that make it interesting enough, but the plot holes did bother me immensely, especially how the GGG corporation wasnt scared shitless since they didnt know when the ship would become active and start having its way with the planet.

Now moving to present day we have our protagonist Shishioh Guy, a Cyborg million dollar man, who became that way because he was the astronaught aboard when the zondar ship came caving through and had a horrible accident causing him to almost die until they were able to reverse engineer the tech that Galeon came with.Also we have Mamoru, the child protagonist in the lions mouth, grown to the age of the target audience enjoying his normal life before the zondar doohicky under the tokyo tower awakes and starts causing a ruckus getting one of 4 random bad guys to find a suitable human victim who begrudges society for some reason or has some internal feelings that they have never worked out and places a Medal on a victims head, which somehow mystically draws all the angry out and causes them to turn into a blob of wire that then turns random object Y nearby into rampaging robot monstrosity X, thus creating our monster of the day. Later on we discover that the metal doesnt need to have a weak, social degenerate as the power supply, its just more reliable, as we have seen in the last episode of the series. I kind of interpreted this as a lesson to be learned by kids, making them think "ok if im not a well balanced, likable person with a great look on life, im going to turn into the bad guy." This isnt a bad thing, as we need cartoons that instill good values in todays youth because the parents sure as hell arent doing that. Remember back to the early 80's where every other cartoon show from Transformers to He-man to G.I.Joe were taking 2 minute segments of our life at the end of each episode and giving us a lesson to be learned based on the previous episode. GaoGaiGar isnt like that since it does it in a more subtle way since we all know the attention spans of 8-12 year olds are non existant, and if you really sat through those "knowing is half the battle" nonsense segments then you really must not have had anything better to do. The badguy designs are extremely good, i enjoy them, its not like previous Brave series ive seen where sometimes you get a bland design and then you get one thats really fabulous, its pure gold all the way until you get to the second season, and even then its still effing awesome!

So this goes on for a good number of episodes, all the while trickling in character and story development, and giving us the occasional tool or new mech that saves the day because the previous stuff somehow doesnt work, but thats a good thing since it changes things up and makes the monster of the day interesting as well as the new stuff we have to work with, though i am glad they decided not to go into depth with the SD GaiGar mode where GaiGar wears the drills and steath bomber the wrong way.

I must say that the mech design is very clever in this series and by very clever i mean original. Let me give you an example. Originally Choryujin, our first combiner of more than one AI based robot was originally concepted to have a jet armor upgrade(its in one of the many GGG bibles out there), so he was going to be the stereotypical upgrade mech seen in almost all the series save for a couple. Instead the intended upgrade is a switch of nearly idetntial AI robots for their other halfs. While this is a nice change it feels kind of bland. Other than that every robot that has come out in this series deserves an award for good design concept.

Another of my favorite things of the series is the intricate story(plot holes aside) that keeps you interested right till the very end unless your one of those people who has the attention span of a starving humming bird who needs an up front explaination of whats going on in sequential order and cant wait for the backstory or black/white sequences.(i had a friend watch this series promising him something like Eva just to see how he reacted and it was just like that).

Character design is also of note, it takes right from the Betterman series because it is from the same universe as it. The designs are unique, and the characters are very interesting and keep me amped up for the ensueing mecha cavalcade. Of note in this series we dont just get one crazy scientist doctor, we get TWO, and the series doesnt descend into the fanservice deapth of say Godannar or some other series i could mention, but theres enough to keep even that section of the fandom oogling at the screen, especially when the OVA kicks in.

Ill just touch on the OVA since its part of the overall series. For those of you who watched the series and havent watched Final yet, allow me to bitch slap you because you dont know what your missing. If you like so many other people ive heard of watched Final before watching the series, youll get two bitch slaps from me due mainly to the fact that its like going from the speed of light to stopping in your tracks if you were to now watch the series and it spoils EVERYTHING! Final is the sequal to the series, and starts off awhile after the last episode, leaving us where the manga left off and GGG had beaten the ever loving piss out of a terrorist organization known as Bionet. This is my only gripe about the OVA is that it expects you to read the Manga to fully grasp whats going on before the actuall story to final comes full swing. Its like taking a multi layer cake and forgetting the chocolate layer, it doesnt make logical sense. If you are a fan of the series and have kept up with the medium however you will like the OVA even more than the hundreds of people who have seen it which i really dont know if its possible, this OVA is a work of art. The only thing that would have made it better and given the fanboys an even bigger hard on would be giving us a couple more episodes and including the infiltration episode with Renais wearing something other than a metal overcoat, it would allow for more characterization than just a cameo appearance of the few characters that were introduced just for this OVA, because it sure as hell isnt covered by one of the sequences showing only action in the Manga for a brief 20 seconds.

All in all though this series fills every niche nicely. Its got the silliness of a kids show, the seriousness of a nice super robot series, the story, characters, blah blah blah i could go on forever. Long story short if your a Super robot fan i recommend it. Even if your not a fan but have an interest in mecha id still recommend giving it a shot. If your not one for Overdramatics and prefer gundam over anything else though, dont expect too much politics or emo characters wondering why they fight, because this series smashes that to the curve giving us desisive characters with a clear message of Bravery which is really, what the genre is all about.

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