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Talk about Transformers! Discuss your favorite series, from G1 to Animated, to anything from Japan! Transformers toy specific discussion goes in the Transformers Toy forum.
By knoted, Today 01:10 PM
16,151 497,106
Get the latest Transformers news from around the web. Submit and discuss late breaking Transformers news here. Spoilers in threads and possibly thread titles.
By EMP Starscream, Today 01:24 PM
26,308 1,189,737
Talk about the Transformers Live Action Movies by Michael Bay! Not recommended for those that don't want to be spoiled.
By TacticalBacon, Today 12:52 PM
18,961 590,854
Talk about the new series Transformers Prime from Hasbro and the Hub! Cartoon, comic or characters, that's just PRIME in here!
By Meta777, Today 01:33 PM
4,521 215,305
The place for Transformers TOY specific discussion. Formerly part of the Toyark. Non TF toy discussion is down below now.
By knoted, Today 01:33 PM
42,414 1,366,316
Discuss all 3rd Party Unlicensed and related items in here. This includes NEWS and REVIEWS.
By nemisispringer, Today 01:32 PM
5,278 535,563
Use this forum to discuss all the Transformers Comic Books and Graphic Novels. Marvel G1, Dreamwave and IDW - or anything else TF comic book related.
By SMOG, Today 01:27 PM
2,107 62,124
Use this forum to discuss all the Transformers Video Games. War for Cybertron, Fall of Cybertron, Transformers Movie Games, and even the Mobage mobile game, Transformers Legends!
By Mako Crab, Today 12:02 PM
3,392 159,808
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Submit pics of your collection here! We will gather the best ones and archive them on periodically.
By thenatureboywoo, Today 11:36 AM
2,058 61,111
Transformers Sightings (43 Viewing)
Find the latest Transformers on the shelves? Post the sighting here to help other collectors in your area.
By Jazz210, Today 01:21 PM
95 538,660
Transformers On Ebay (4 Viewing)
Click here to check out auctions from related to the Transformers! Regular posters, feel free to post cool auctions you see, and sellers, feel free to list your auctions in here!
By seanb47, Today 12:52 PM
14,947 80,755
Transformers Feedback (32 Viewing)
Leave your feedback about specific Transformers items in here, and hopefully someone will notice!
By TacomaPrime, Today 12:52 PM
6,818 153,675
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Radicons Customs (387 Viewing)
Customs projects featuring Transformers toys and more. Threads contain information and pictures for Heavy Mods & Scratch Builds, Minor Mods & Repaints, Reproductions and Stickers, Non-TF Mods.
By JackKnife, Today 01:18 PM
27,039 488,129
Transformers Fan Art (129 Viewing)
Your place for Transformers fan art, images, and wallpapers!
By fakebusker83, Today 11:19 AM
10,771 152,175
Is the next Transformers writer in here? Why not check it out and see! Read stories from some of the best authors on the 'net!
By agentSAP2006, Today 01:28 PM
2,142 214,145
This is the place to post threads or questions about customizing, fan art, or anything else creative, that is not specifically showing off your work.
By sturmmorser2000, Today 12:54 PM
8,205 75,588
Creative Marketplace (12 Viewing)
If you are a customizer or artist, list yourself in the Commissioner forum and check out feedback on fellow Radicons. Also post up your Requests or check out the Junk pit for trading.
By goobahead1, Today 11:18 AM
3,490 27,491
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Transformers Funnies (11 Viewing)
Home to Them Funny Robots, The Funny World 2005, and Fun For Every One!
By mandiprime97, Today 01:28 PM
1,256 305,266
Post your Transformers related video finds in here. All Videos play inline now!
By Scaleface, Yesterday 07:46 PM
2,721 22,862
Wanna help grow the TFW2005 Transformers Resources section even larger than it already is? Submit your info and image inside!
By metplex45, 08-16-2014 09:16 PM
869 2,086
Check out our Transformers Podcast and take all your TF news and discussion on the go!
By GWolfv2, Today 09:33 AM
477 21,153
Discuss conventions and use this to organize yourselves locally as Transfans!
By goobahead1, Today 12:20 PM
2,467 61,709
Canadian specific Transformers news, toy sightings and discussion.
- - -
Junkion Exchange
  Forum Last Post Threads Posts
Use this forum to conduct sales and trades.
By neocon, Today 01:33 PM
31,696 309,761
Wanted Items (5 Viewing)
Post listings for items you are looking for in here.
By butchrecon72, Today 01:24 PM
28,259 118,454
Have a good trade, let everyone know about it, have someone we should avoid, let us know, but keep it business ok?
By Doc Wheeljack, Today 01:00 PM
5,456 78,055
Non Transformers
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General Discussion (22 Viewing)
The place to go for casual conversation. Introduce yourself, talk news, and just have fun. That's what the "general" stands for.
By AZSirwave, Today 01:12 PM
16,977 650,558
The Toyark (66 Viewing)
The place for Non-TF toy specific discussion. Post general Transformers toy discussion in Transformers Toy Discussion (up top) now.
By KamiAmaya, Today 01:20 PM
4,383 473,413
Video Games, HDTVs, Ipods, Web Trends, you know the deal. Nerd Tech!
By BScorpinok75, Today 01:28 PM
9,031 348,436
Talk about your favorite comics, writers or artists!
By QLRformer, Today 11:47 AM
3,328 65,505
Movies and Television (82 Viewing)
New forum, use this to discuss all the latest Movies, DVDs, Television shows, and the like!
By Shatterpoint, Today 12:51 PM
6,222 349,007
Ask staff members questions and get your forum Tech Support here.
By Liokaiser, Today 06:12 AM
3,581 9,647

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TFW2005 - The 2005 Boards Statistics
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