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TFW's Robots in Disguise Strongarm In-Hand Galleries

Posted on 03-05-2015 at 02:55 PM by Sol Fury under Robots In Disguise (201x)
Strongarm-Robot-31 Our next in-hand Transformers toy gallery is the Robots in Disguise Strongarm! This latest female character to join the franchise is a police SUV and has a fairly boxy design which is refreshing, and it recalls the design of the 1980s Gobot character, Smallfoot, as much as anything.

Strongarm's toy is pretty decent. While she lacks a few paint applications to be spot on to the show, particularly on the chest and head, she's got decent articulation including a waist swivel, and she also feels like she's a big, chunky toy. Granted for some this might play up how much she's being aimed at the younger end of the Transformer buying public, but it feels like you're at least getting a slightly more substantial toy. Plus, a bonus that is damning of the rest of the Warriors, there does not feel like there is anything on Strongarm that might wear down or break easily.

Overall, she's a decent toy, and more female Transformers are always going to be welcome. Check out her gallery and see for yourself:

Robots in Disguise Strongarm gallery
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Combiner Wars Promo Video Featuring Menasor!

Posted on 03-05-2015 at 02:29 PM by Sol Fury under Generations / Classics
91JliSCLv9L_SL1500_ have added a new Hasbro product video to their Combiner Wars Motormaster listing. The video shows off the Combiner Wars line with a particular focus on the Stunticons and their combined form, Menasor!

Check out the video on the Amazon product page!
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First look at Combiner Wars Ironhide?

Posted on 03-05-2015 at 10:26 AM by Mechafire under Generations / Classics
16724319215_654f243f07_z TFW2005 boards member scubaboy31 has just brought something interesting to our attention. In the back of the comics that are being packed in with the Combiner Wars wave 2 Deluxe figures, there is a page which has some neat extras such as design sketches, prototypes, and color layouts. What's intriguing is that Offroad's depicts him with a different head - an Ironhide-ish head, even. This would match up with rumors we'd heard previously of there being a Masquerade-esque Combiner Wars wave coming up, so could this be our fist look at Ironhide?

Speculate away after the jump!
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Google Is Giving Away The Transformers 2007 Live Action Movie For Free

Posted on 03-05-2015 at 10:15 AM by SilverOptimus under Transformers Movie (Just Movie) (All Transformers Movie News)
transformers-google-play-free To celebrate the 3rd Anniversary of Google Play, the company is giving away the first Michael Bay Transformers Live Action Movie (known as Transformers 2007) for free. The movie was previously sold for $ 17.99.

However, this offer is only available on selected countries and may not be available everywhere.

To see if you can get it for free, log onto your Android devices and visit the Movies section of the Google Play Store (or you can use any device or browser compatible with Google Play).

Google Play: Transformers 2007.

Also, Google Play Store version 5.3.5 update is now rolling out.
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Transformers: Legends Game Event - Megatron Origins

Posted on 03-05-2015 at 10:13 AM by SilverOptimus under Video Games
DeNA-Transformers-Legends-Megatron-Origins After a bit of a delay, the next DeNA Transformers: Legends episode is now live. Titled as Megatron Origins, the episode features Senator Ratbat, Sentinel Prime, Alpha Trion, Clench and... well... Megatron.

Episode Synopsis:

"MEGATRON, an energon miner, is present when SENATOR RATBAT arrives to shut down the operation he works at. Angered at the treatment of one of his fellow miners by the Senator’s guards, MEGATRON retaliates, accidentally killing the guard and getting himself arrested.

Aboard the prison transport vessel, the now-former miner is convinced by some fellow inmates to lead a shipboard revolt, and does so. The ship, now under MEGATRON’S control, heads for the city of Kaon, where he and his new allies begin to plot against the forces working against them.

Elsewhere, SENTINEL PRIME learns of the situation, and sends ALPHA TRION to deal with it. After some preliminary research, the erstwhile AUTOBOT tracks the revolt’s instigators to the gladiator pits of Kaon.

While waiting to initiate the plans that he and his group have created, MEGATRON joins the local gladiatorial games, where he becomes accustomed to dispatching his foes. In one of his battles, he loses an arm, only for it to be replaced by parts from fallen combatants. As he rises through the ranks, it becomes clear that only one thing stands in his way - CLENCH.

Will MEGATRON be able to defeat CLENCH and execute the plan he’s been working towards? Will ALPHA TRION discover what hidden plot the gladiator has wrought? Find out on TRANSFORMERS Legends - “Megatron Origins”!"
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Masterpiece MP-24 Star Saber - New Box Image

Posted on 03-05-2015 at 08:34 AM by Matty under Transformers Masterpiece
B_VLYUAUcAAsZ6f The wait is almost over everyone. Masterpiece Star Saber will begin shipping overseas on March 21, arriving shortly after to North American retailers. To hold us over until then, Star Saber designer Hisashi Yuki continues to drop gems for us on his Twitter page.

This morning we have our very first image of Star Saber's box, which Hisashi Yuki mentions will be the same size as Masterpiece Ultra Magnus packaging. Interesting to note there does not appear to be any call out to this release being the 30th Anniversary fan voted Masterpiece, at least from what we can see here. The packaging will however fit right into line with the other Generation 1 Masterpiece released figures to this point continuing a consistent packaging theme.

Stay tuned for more images and news as we inch closer to the release date!
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Kabaya Transformers D Collection

Posted on 03-04-2015 at 03:50 PM by Sol Fury under Japanese Transformers
FIG-COL-8613 Via Amiami we have word of an upcoming Kabaya Transformers release. Named "D Collection", these are a set of three PVC (or similar material, we'd wager) figures. The three characters are Optimus Prime, Megatron and Starscream, each being poseable at the head, waist, and shoulders, and featuring a few different accessories. The figures also have chase edition "clear" versions. Check out a few images of these new Kabaya releases after the break.
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Combiner Wars Deluxe Wave 2 pack in comics feature extended bios

Posted on 03-04-2015 at 03:30 PM by Sol Fury under Generations / Classics
SCN_0005_zpstom6rrjy Via TFW2005 member Starscream Gaga we can reveal that the pack-in comics for Combiner Wars Deluxe Wave 2 feature extended character bios on the backs of the comics. The bios are written in the style of the old Marvel or Dreamwave More than Meets the Eye bios, and presented as psych reports in universe, with the Decepticon ones being written by Soundwave, and the Autobot ones by the ubiquitous Rung!

The extended bios flesh out the characters a lot more in the way that only a full on who's who profile can. Fans of Wildrider might be sad to note though that the Offroad bio directly mentions how Offroad has replaced a "fallen Stunticon" as a member of the Menasor combiner group - suggesting in the universe created by the toy fiction that Wildrider is no more. The fact he shares Wildrider's colors is also noted, in a cool touch - you can really see that some attention was put into these bios. Check them out after the break, with thanks to Starscream Gaga for sharing them with us.
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Transformers: Rising To Officially Launch This Month

Posted on 03-04-2015 at 01:55 PM by SilverOptimus under Video Games
Transformers-Rising-Logo Another DeNA Transformers mobile game is about to debut this month.

Transformers: Rising official fanpage is letting us know that the game has come to the closure of the secondary Beta Test phase and will launch this month.

TFR will join Transformers: Legends, Transformers: Battle Tactics and Transformers: Age Of Extinction mobile games by DeNA.

Several other Transformers related mobile games are also available on the market, including Angry Birds: Transformers, Transformers: Robots In Disguise, Transformers: Battle Masters, supporting app for the Cartamundi Transformers Collectors' Cards and Hasbro Arcade.

Transformers: Rising is a game bit similar to Transformers: Legends as well as to the recently released Transformers: Battle Tactics game but with more game modes and currencies. We at TFW2005 reviewed the game while it was in the initial Beta Test phase and you can read our review here.

You can also join the ongoing discussion about the game at our Transformers Video Game subforum.
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Q Transformers Episode 9 Released

Posted on 03-04-2015 at 08:37 AM by Matty under Japanese Transformers
Thanks to TFW2005 boards member Type-R for linking us to episode 9 of the Q Transformers. With all of the recent Tracks discussion, it's only fitting that this video debuts Tracks! Enjoy!

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New Masterpieces and MP Tracks NOT MP-25?

Posted on 03-04-2015 at 07:54 AM by Tony_Bacala under Transformers Masterpiece
mp-25_1425390597 According to the earlier report from Australian Toy Fair via Ozformers, Masterpiece Tracks is being reported as NOT MP-25. Where he falls and who else is in line is not known at the moment. The full wording for the initial info was:

Tracks (not MP25), MP25 in Sept (I can't reveal name before TakaraTomy), and two new "sports cars" for OCT & NOV.

It's worth noting that this runs contra to the previous Japanese hobby magazines which were printed with Tracks clearly identified as MP-25.

Read on to discuss and check back for updates later today!
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Platinum Edition G1 Dinobots Set, New Masterpiece, Generations And More Info From Australia Toy Fair

Posted on 03-04-2015 at 07:40 AM by Shin Densetsu under Toy Fair
image Griffin-of-oz has posted his initial report from Australia Toy Fair 2015 over at OzFormers. More information is coming later but here's Griffin's initial report:

Photos later tonight, and the full report.... but some teaser info to get you interested and to send the global fansites into meltdown.

Generations Devastator on display with my Gen1 Devastator - BigW already signed up for June/July.

More JP Masterpiece coming this year - Gold bumblebee July, Convoy reissue, Tracks (not MP25), MP25 in Sept (I can't reveal name before TakaraTomy), and two new "sports cars" for OCT & NOV.

Platinum edition - Myer will have Seeker pack and YOTG pair... while ToysRUs will have Insecticon pack, Perceptor/Blaster, Trypticon, aaaaand.... Dinobots. YES, Gen1 Dinobots multipack which I hope is all five.

JP Stinger still for this month, only at TRU though.

GEN Slingshot & Wildrider don't exist (yet) for Hasbro Generations, but might next year as Combiners are going to be at least two years.

Leader Starscream for wave 4.

Hasbro MP Starscream is the second (MP11) version because fans wanted it.
Hasbro MP Bluestreak will be in July.

Toyworld's cheaper prices were indeed just introductory prices from Hasbro.

Loyal Subjects w3 should be out in the next month.

That's most of it. More later, probably after midnight though.

Go nuts...

Meltdown commence! Stay tuned for more

EDIT: griffin has elaborated on the Mastepiece Transformers information:

Australia will continue to be following Hong Kong's lead and having both Hasbro and TakaraTomy Masterpiece toys at ToysRUs stores here.

The Japanese Masterpiece toys that SHOULD be coming this year (details and dates can change, and often do)...
- Gold bumblebee in around July,
- The Convoy reissue middle of the year,
- Tracks is NOT noted as MP-25 on the Hasbro Australia list, but maybe they have 25 and 26 mixed up, as Tracks was labelled as MP-25 in a recent Japanese Hobby magazine. If they are mixed up on this Australian list, then I know what MP-26 is.
- MP-25 (or 26 if the numbers were mixed up on the list) will be here in about Sept (I know what it is, but I can't reveal the name before TakaraTomy announces it)
- two "sports cars" for OCT and NOV (the names haven't be revealed to Hasbro Australia yet, as it is so far in the future, so I have no idea if they
are new moulds... but with three new moulds already this year, I'd imagine that at least one is a redeco).
(please don't bother asking me, or expect, any more information on the future Masterpiece toys, as I am not expecting updates before
TakaraTomy reveals the next few... and everything I am allowed to talk about is listed here already)
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Ultimetal Optimus Prime In-Hand Review

Posted on 03-03-2015 at 08:40 PM by Sentinel under Generation 1
image Thanks to TFW board member Kuma Style, we have the first in-hand and extraordinarily detailed review of the oft delayed but highly anticipated figure, Art Storm Ultimetal Optimus Prime. Collectors have been extremely patient waiting to add this piece to their collections, but according to Kuma Style the wait more than paid off.

Standing an impressive 17 inches tall and weighing in at a shipping weight of almost 30 lbs, this figure is at first glance awe-inspiring. Full of diecast and sporting an incredible paint job, this figure is hugely (pun intended) impressive. What really sets this figure apart from previous incarnations of the famed Autobot leader is the removable armor over a highly-detailed and articulated skeleton. This figure is unique in that it allows collectors to remove parts of the armor to show the inner workings of Optimus, including functioning pistons in the wrists, ankles and ribs.

Additionally, the sheer mass of this figure dictates that special measures be taken into consideration with its engineering, so Art Storm added locking joints to support the dynamic posing that most collectors would be almost compelled to attempt with such an impressive and imposing figure. Lastly, the designers added lights and sound effects to truly bring this figure to life. Prime has light-up eyes, running lights and Matrix chamber, plus a moving mouthpiece that moves in tandem with a number of phrases spoken by Peter Cullen.

This is a massive and expensive addition to the world of Transformers collectibles and without a doubt a centerpiece of any collection.

Click through to see the full gallery of pictures plus the detailed review of this highly impressive figure.
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Masterpiece Star Saber In-Hand

Posted on 03-03-2015 at 05:47 PM by Sol Fury under Transformers Masterpiece
3f212d7fjw1epsyfe2uwsj20xc18gdok The appointed hour draws near when Masterpiece Star Saber will be released in Japan - and via Oldcasper on Weibo and fengqiaoken on ACtoys, we have a look at the Cybertron 5th Commander in-hand.

Hailing from the 1989 show, Transformers Victory, Star Saber was one of a series of Japan-only Cybertron faction commanders. Much like his predecessor Ginrai / Powermaster Optimus Prime, he consists of a small pilot figure, a Brainmaster, which merges with a smaller jet vehicle to form a robot, which then in turn merges with the larger booster engine to form the full-scale Star Saber.

Masterpiece Star Saber is looking to be every bit the large-scale release to celebrate the latter years of the Japanese Generation 1 series. It is an amazing looking release which seems to be set to impress Masterpiece Transformers fans everywhere. Check out the new images attached to this post.
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Transformers #39 retailer incentive cover

Posted on 03-03-2015 at 05:12 PM by Sol Fury under Comics
B_MAx_8U8AADHTU You may recall from one of our earlier posts that the retailer incentive covers for Transformers #39 and Windblade #1 were something a bit special from IDW - each retailer participating in the incentive next month gets a cover showing their store either being protected by Superion (Transformers #39) or destroyed by Devastator (Windblade #1). We're told that in the end, six stores got in on this promotion.

Via Giant Robot Comics on Twitter, we have a look at one of the finished covers - this is the Transformers #39 cover. Decepticons in Dartmouth, Canada beware, because Giant Robot Comics is under the protection of Superion! Check it out, and a big thanks to TFW2005 member D-Drive for bringing this one to our attention.
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New Color Image of MP-25 Masterpiece Tracks!

Posted on 03-03-2015 at 08:41 AM by Mechafire under Transformers Masterpiece
mp-25 TFW2005 site sponsor Robot Kingdom has just put up a new color image for MP-25 Masterpiece Tracks!

As we can see here, Tracks will feature the following:

• G1-accurate deco
• Flying car mode
• Flight stand
• Raoul minifigure
• Blaster boombox accessory

Be sure to get your preorders in for this highly-anticipated release!
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The Complete AllSpark Almanac: 8 Page Preview and Contest!

Posted on 03-03-2015 at 05:50 AM by Superquad7 under Animated
Complete-AllSpark-Almanac-01 Here's a bit of news for those out there who are fans of the Transformers: Animated series:

Jim Sorenson, author of the upcoming The Complete AllSpark Almanac, has recently updated his blog, Disciples of Boltax, with an eight (8) page preview. You can check out those images mirrored here in this report. Venture on over to his blog for more details on the contest he's hosting. The prize is a sketch card by contributor, Bill Forester.

You can purchase this book at your local comic book shop or outlets such as Feel free to share your thoughts in the ongoing discussion thread!
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Transformers #38 Preview

Posted on 03-03-2015 at 03:00 AM by Sol Fury under Comics
Transformers-38-01 IDW have released the previews for this week's Transformers comics and we've got two doses of robot fun coming this week. In this post, check out a preview of Transformers (formerly Robots in Disguise) #38! It's the concluding part of "The Onyx Interface". Battle lines have been drawn and we're in for an all-out battle. The spoils? The Enigma of Combination - which in the wrong hands will lead to the outbreak of a full-on Combiner War...

Check out the preview attached to this post!
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More than Meets the Eye #38 Preview

Posted on 03-03-2015 at 03:00 AM by Sol Fury under Comics
TF_MTMTE_38-pr-page-001 IDW have sent out the previews for this week's comics and it's a double event! Here we have a preview of More than Meets the Eye #38 for you. The crew of the Lost Light's time-traveling adventure culminates at a point where you could say it all began - and the future is in the hands of one who "in response to a crisis of morale precipitated by his own woeful captaincy, introduced a reward system based on his own face" (Autobot Megatron is awesome!)

Check out the full preview attached to this post.
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Transformers & More than Meets the Eye 38 Retailer Incentive Covers

Posted on 03-03-2015 at 03:00 AM by Sol Fury under Comics
TF_RiD38RI_cvr Along with IDW's Transformers comic previews this week we had a look at the retailer incentive covers to Transformers #38 and More than Meets the Eye #38. The pair of covers feature Optimus Prime and Megatron respectively, and are done in a simple yet striking style (we're thinking of some of the Acid Free prints by Tom Whalen for a similar style).

Check them out, and also be sure to check out the previews for this week's comics - it's a double bill of More than Meets the Eye and the title formerly known as Robots in Disguise!
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TFW's Robots in Disguise Bumblebee In-Hand Gallery

Posted on 03-02-2015 at 02:16 PM by Sol Fury under Robots In Disguise (201x)
Bumblebee-Robot-27 Carrying on our series of Robots in Disguise galleries, today we're highlighting the main character of the new show, the one and only Bumblebee! Robots in Disguise Bumblebee remains a muscle car as he has been of late, but has traded arm cannons for a suitably huge greatsword.

Robots in Disguise Bumblebee is very much a middling release in the line. On the positives, he's got a good range of movement including a waist swivel, and can strike some good action poses with that sword of his, including a few with a two-handed grip. On the less great front, the car roof on the back of the legs gets in the way on some poses, and the feet lack substantial heels, so some poses are really hard to maintain. The gears on the doors are also a cause for concern - the teeth on mine have already worn down in paces after only a few transformations.

Overall, Bumblebee is a release with personality and poseability, but he is not without flaws by any means. Check out his gallery to see what you think of the leading Autobot in the new show, Robots in Disguise!

Robots in Disguise Bumblebee Gallery
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Robots in Disguise Webisode - debut of the Minicons!

Posted on 03-02-2015 at 01:54 PM by Sol Fury under Robots In Disguise (201x)
The official Transformers Youtube channel has added a short clip from an upcoming episode of the new Robots in Disguise show. This clip shows off what might be considered a slight spoiler as it shows the on-screen appearances of the Deployers, Drift and Fracture, and their Mini-cons! Check it out below:

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TFsource 3-2 Weekly SourceNews! Warbotron - WB01-D - Whirlwind Instock!

Posted on 03-02-2015 at 01:49 PM by Sol Fury under Sponsor News
We have received the latest newsletter update from our sponsors TFsource. Check out the highlights of this week's sourcenews below and read on for the full newsletter update.

Greetings Sourcefans!
We're starting off this week with new instock items like the highly anticipated Warbotron - WB01-D - Whirlwind, Xovergen - TF-02 God Armor Add on Kit for MP-10, Kabaya - Transformers Go! - Wave 1 - Candy Toys - Set of 3, Platinum Edition Year of the Goat Exclusive MP Soundwave & G2 Optimus, DOTM - APS-03 - Decepticon Barricade & Soundwave - Limited Edition Asia Exclusive, and Fansproject - Function X-V - M.A.D.L.A.W! We also have new preorders for items like MP-25 - Masterpiece Tracks, Before and After - Giant Bulky Action Figure - BA-01 Engineer General, Shadow Fisher - Fansproject Intimidator M3 - Arm Filler Kit, Fansproject - Lost Exo Realm - LER-03 Volar, BCS-01 Lonewolf, DMY Studios - D-06 - FPJ Intimidator - Add-on-Kit, and APS-01U Asia Premium Series - Optimus Prime - Ultimate Edition! And Visit our sister site for non-transformers collectibles! All this and more in this week's SourceNews!

In this issue of SourceNews:
1. Now Instock - Warbotron - WB01-D - Whirlwind!
2. New preorder up - Before & After Engineer General!
3. Now instock - Xovergen TF-02 God Armor Add on Kit for MP-10!
4. Now Up for Preorder - MP-25 Masterpiece Tracks!
5. Make Toys Sale!
6. New Asia Exclusives Now Instock!
7. Now instock - Function-XV M.A.D.L.A.W.!
8. Now Instock - ToyWorld's Evila Star/Devilstar!
9. 3rd Party Customs Instock and Preorders!
10. Now instock - Kabaya Go Sets of 3!
11. Now back in stock - KFC - EAVI METAL Phase Four: A - Transistor & HiFi!
12. Unique Toys - Ordin - O-03 Fenrir Now Instock!
13. Now up for preorder FT-12 Grenadier (Purple & Grey Versions)!
14. theToySource Updates!
15. Source Blog Updates!
16. Newest Preorder items at TFsource
17. Newest Instock items at TFsource

Interview with TakaraTomy Designer Hisashi Yuki

Posted on 03-02-2015 at 09:28 AM by Sentinel under Japanese Transformers
image Thanks to board member SydneyY, our resident Japanese translator, we bring you an interview from Figure King Magazine, Issue #205 featuring Hisashi Yuki. Yuki-San is one of the head designers currently working on the Combiners Wars/Unite Warriors line for TakaraTomy.

Yuki-San goes into detail regarding his work on Unite Warriors, specifically the development of Superion as well as providing us with a few insights into the decision-making process behind Masterpiece Star Saber and his work on the upcoming "Adventure" line.

- How did "Combiners" become the theme?
- How did you proceed with the development of Superion?
- How did you decide on the direction of Japanese "Unite Warriors" development?
- Also MP Star Saber is going to be released in March at last.
- I can't help wondering about Victory Leo....
- Tell us about your current work.
- This year is the 30th anniversary of Transformers arriving in Japan. What do you suggest the fans to pay attention to?

Click through to read the interview in its entirety.
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TFW's Robots in Disguise Steeljaw and Underbite In-Hand Galleries

Posted on 03-01-2015 at 10:51 AM by Sol Fury under Robots In Disguise (201x)
Underbite-with-Steeljaw-Robot We're carrying on with our galleries of the new Robots in Disguise line, and it's time to bring on the bad guys! We're doing a two for one today folks with a look at both the Warrior class Steeljaw and the One Step changer Underbite!

First up, Steeljaw is the wolf-man and leader of the Decepticon escapees in the new show. He's got a cool design, complete with an articulated wolf-tail, but suffers a bit with a heavy backpack and needing to use the tail to balance. The design of the elbows also scares me - they feel like they could break (a real fear, given Grimlock's). Not one of the best releases in the line, all things considered.

Next up is Underbite. The villain in the pilot episode, he's one of the debut One Step changers for the line and is quite fun as a desk fiddle toy. He looks decently accurate to his on-screen version, and does have some limited poseability in dino mode.

The pair are by no means perfect, but they are decent representations of their characters. Check them out and see what you think.

Robots in Disguise Warrior Steeljaw
Robots in Disguise One-Step Underbite
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Transformers: Robots In Disguise Pernigotti Easter Eggs Promo

Posted on 03-01-2015 at 09:31 AM by SilverOptimus under Robots In Disguise (201x)
uovo1 Pernigotti Easter Eggs (Italy) is holding a promotional campaign featuring the new Transformers: Robots In Disguise animated series.

The promotion will giveaway 100 One-Step Changer figures from the RID toyline and 3 Generations figure sets.

100 One-Step Changers can be won instantly by uncovering a special code inside specially marked Easter Eggs. A final draw will determine who wins one of each Generations line figure sets.

More information can be found at the Pernigotti official website.
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New Combiner Wars Hasbro Product Photos: Hot Spot, Cyclonus, Groove, Viper, and Warpath

Posted on 03-01-2015 at 09:06 AM by Mechafire under Generations / Classics
25744091c0fe28477106c54cc98fe72b9ad0d87d TFW2005 boards member Nevermore has come through once again, uncovering new Combiner Wars Hasbro product photos at the the Greek Hasbro website. These include:

• Legends Groove
• Legends Viper
• Legends Warpath
• Voyager Cyclonus
• Voyager Hot Spot
(with a quite comical mistransformation - check out the end of his vehicle mode ladder!)

Check em out after the jump!
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Robots in Disguise Hero Mashers Optimus Prime, Strongarm, Clampdown, Thunderhoof, Bisk and more!

Posted on 03-01-2015 at 03:23 AM by Sol Fury under Robots In Disguise (201x)
BB78749450569047_F50_D348442560_FF2 TFW2005 member Nevermore has done some sleuthing and uncovered a derth of information on the future of the Transformers Hero Mashers line.

The line will carry on for the forseeable future with Robots in Disguise themed releases, starting with the set of Bumblebee, Sideswipe and Steeljaw (who are out in Canada), and then continue with the three we saw at Toy Fair 2015 - Optimus Prime, Strongarm, and Clampdown. There's new images of the latter three, via Hasbro Canada, for you to enjoy.

From there Amazon Canada has posted listings of what appears to be six more releases in the line, which will give us Hero Mashers versions of characters like Quillfire, Thunderhoof, Fracture, Bixk (we assume they mean the lobster, Bisk), Jazz, and Drift.

It sounds as though the Hero Mashers have a long future ahead of them - and also, that this may be the only way for fans to get versions of some of these characters to add to their collection.
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TFW's Robots in Disguise Drift In-Hand Gallery

Posted on 02-28-2015 at 12:40 PM by Sol Fury under Robots In Disguise (201x)
Drift-Robot-50 We're kicking off our galleries for the toys from the new Robots in Disguise show with a look at one of the guest Autobots - it's time for Drift to take the spotlight! Like his incarnation in Transformers Age of Extinction, this version of Drift is very strongly influenced by the look of Japanese samurai, though unlike the movie version, this Drift isn't wearing a facemask.

Robots in Disguise Drift is a Warrior class figure, transforming between robot and car mode in a handful of fairly simple steps. He's big and chunky, and definitely feels like a throwback to the simpler style of Transformers from the Transformers Armada / Cybertron days. The look is quite streamlined, giving the figure a very "animated" look to him.

Drift wields two swords, which he can stow in his waist armor in robot mode, and they fit beneath the car in vehicle mode. Drift has a decent range of articulation, and can strike some nice poses. All in all, he's a great representative of the Warrior size class. Check out his gallery and decide for yourself:

Robots in Disguise Warrior Drift
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Robots in Disguise Three Step Optimus Prime found at US retail

Posted on 02-28-2015 at 08:22 AM by Sol Fury under Robots In Disguise (201x)
20150228_071356 More new Transformers toys are making their way to US store shelves. Another one that was recently spotted at US retail is the Three Step Optimus Prime from Robots in Disguise. Three Step Optimus is the sole new release in Robots in Disguise Three Step Changers Wave 2, and as the name should make clear, he transforms in three steps.

Be sure to keep up to date on what is being found in your area in our Transformers sightings board!
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In memoriam - Leonard Nimoy

Posted on 02-27-2015 at 03:25 PM by Sol Fury under Transformers Movie (Just Movie) (All Transformers Movie News)
Spock-Leonard-Nimoy We are sad to report that veteran actor Leonard Nimoy has passed away. Leonard Nimoy provided the voices of Sentinel Prime in Transformers Dark of the Moon and Galvatron in Transformers the Movie in 1986, but he will perhaps be best remembered for playing the role of the science officer of the Enterprise, Mr Spock, in Star Trek, in a role that spanned almost 50 years from his debut as the Vulcan in "The Cage" to his final appearance in "Star Trek Into Darkness".

On behalf of the site, of fans of science fiction, and anyone who has gazed skywards and imagined traveling the spaceways, we offer our condolences to Mr Nimoy's family, and we also warmly remember one of the greatest men to have graced our screens in both his acting and his voice acting roles.

Live long, and prosper.
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Mairghread Scott and John Barber talk Combiner Wars

Posted on 02-27-2015 at 03:08 PM by Sol Fury under Comics
TF-Windblade01-CW-cvr-f30de Comic Book Resources have posted a new interview talking about the upcoming Combiner Wars crossover with creators Mairghread Scott and John Barber.

A few of the key points of the interview include:
  • The Combiner Wars will be on two fronts - both an information war, a "war of influence", and a physical war. Starscream is at the heart of all of it, of course - with Optimus, Windblade and Prowl all being key players.
  • Superion has a few new moves - he's described as a cross between "an NBA star and Godzilla"
  • The seeds of Combiner Wars have been sown since Windblade first appeared in Dark Cybertron.
  • On an unrelated note, we'll also be seeing more Transformers of more body types - not only female characters but more diversity in general, more religions, creeds and classes.

Check out the full interview at Comic Book Resources, which includes some spoilers for the background of the crossover event.
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Combiner Wars Motormaster Released at US Retail

Posted on 02-27-2015 at 11:42 AM by Sentinel under Generations / Classics
image Ladies and Gents we have our first official retail sightings of Combiner Wars Motormaster. Board members worldsgreatest and RudyWilson have provided picture proof of their purchases with receipt from their local Target stores in Columbia, Maryland and Wheaton, Maryland. As per normal, the coasts get all of the love first, but that just means that Motormaster is out and about and headed your way soon.

Be on the lookout as the hunt is on! Also, be sure to discuss what you think of the newest Combiner Wars torso-bot on the boards.
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Robot Kingdom Newsletter #1262

Posted on 02-27-2015 at 09:29 AM by Matty under Sponsor News
TFW2005 friend and sponsor Robot Kingdom has dropped by with their latest newsletter. Read on for the full details about all the new listings over at Robot Kingdom!

Here is a quick update from Robotkingdom.

Free TF Movie 3 Trading Cards for every orders and unsent Preorders!
For every USD50 ordered, 4 pack of TF Movie 3 Trading card will be included.
For over USD300 Order, A Card Album will also be included!

#1 Hot News

Asia Premium Series APS-01U Optimus Prime Ultimate Version.
Pre-order, Available in mid April 2015.
Asia Premium Series APS-01U Optimus Prime Ultimate Version. Pre-order, available mid April 2015.

Transformers United Warriors UW-01 Superion.
Pre-order, Available in June 2015.
Transformers United Warriors UW-01 Superion.Preorder. Available in June 2015.

ThreeA TRANSFORMERS Megatron Premium Scale Collectible Figure.
Pre-order, Available in 3rd quarter 2015.
ThreeA TRANSFORMERS Megatron Premium Scale Collectible Figure. Preorder. Available in 3rd quarter 2015.

Fans Toys FT-12 Grenadier (Grey Chest).
Pre-order, Available in June 2015.
Fans Toys FT-12 Grenadier (Grey Chest). Preorder! Available in June 2015

Fans Toys FT-12T Grenadier (Purple Chest).
Pre-order, Available in June 2015.
Fans Toys FT-12T Grenadier (Purple Chest). Preorder! Available in June 2015

KFC E.A.V.I. Metal Phase Five Reflectrons.
Pre-order, Available in July 2015.
KFC E.A.V.I. Metal Phase Five Reflectrons. Preorder! Available in July 2015

Takara Transformers Robot in Disguise Preorders Up!
Robot in Disguise - Transformers

Play With This Too Kickstarter Now Live!

Posted on 02-26-2015 at 11:33 PM by Jacer under Other News
It's finally here, the Kickerstarter for Play With This Too is now live. This Kickstarter is going to be live for the next 30 days and there are multiple pledge levels for everyone to get a chance to help back this project. The figures and the quantity and as well as the bonuses made all depend on support you show.

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Up Close Look at Combiner Wars Devastator and Leader Class Ultra Magnus!

Posted on 02-26-2015 at 12:36 PM by Matty under Generations / Classics
Huge thanks to TFW2005 boards member CautionLowSign for sharing two very cool videos with us. At Toy Fair 2015, Hasbro revealed two big time Transformers: Leader Class Ultra Magnus and Combiner Wars Devastator!

We're going to let the videos do the talking, but needless to say this is a great up close look at two figures that will be highly sought after! Check them out below!

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Third and Final Fan Built Combiner Poll Round Now Live - Gender, Personality, Name, and Nemesis!

Posted on 02-26-2015 at 07:32 AM by Mechafire under Generations / Classics
image We recently learned that the the Fan Built Combiner would be an Autobot hailing from the Sea of Rust - and now, the third and final round of poll voting has begun! This round is notable for containing the oft-discussed gender option, which had been hinted at by Hasbro previously at Toy Fair and in interviews.

This time, the following choices are offered:

• Gender (Female, Male)
• Personality (Loyal, Leader, Independent)
• Name (Victorion, Slammoth, Quakebreak)
• Nemesis (Devastator, Galvatronus, Menasor)

Make sure you get your votes in by downloading the app here -

iOS: Transformers Official App

Android: Transformers Official App

And discuss your choices after the jump!
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Fan Built Combiner Poll - First Look at Galvatronus?

Posted on 02-26-2015 at 07:30 AM by Mechafire under Generations / Classics
7ba83273e2c35e5de6feae0a3bb8954c_zps2a3e6ffa In addition to the third round of Fan Built Combiner voting opening, the app seems to have also given us our first look at Galvatronus, which has the torso mode of the upcoming Voyager Cyclonus figure.

Check it out after the break!
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First Look at Platinum Edition Blitzwing & Astrotrain

Posted on 02-26-2015 at 07:29 AM by Mechafire under Generation 1
16652551825_68b3c9029d_z The Cybertron Phils Facebook page has just given us our first look at the upcoming Platinum Edition Blitzwing & Astrotrain set! This set includes, of course, the G1 Blitzwing and Astrotrain molds, but done up in some rather strange new colors.

Check it out after the jump and let us know your thoughts!
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NJCC March 22nd 2015 Door Prize Update Combiner Wars Optimus Prime!

Posted on 02-25-2015 at 05:47 PM by DESTRO under Conventions
Transformers-Combiner-Wars-Voyager-Optimus-Prime-In-Package New Jersey Collectors Con is proud to announce our next door prize Combiner Wars Optimus Prime! The NJCC Door prize selection is stacked with Fans Toys Scoria, and Make Toys – City Bot Series – MCB-02 Utopia!

When and Where Is The Next New Jersey Collectors Con?
Holiday Inn Cherry Hill – New Jersey
2175 West Marlton Pike (Rt. 70), Cherry Hill, NJ 08002
Sunday, March 22nd 2015

Join us on FaceBook New Jersey Collectors Con
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Transformers: More than Meets the Eye #38 iTunes Preview

Posted on 02-25-2015 at 02:58 PM by Mechafire under Comics
0 iTunes has just updated with the 3-page preview for Transformers: More than Meets the Eye #38:

Transformers: More Than Meets the Eye #38: Days of Deception
JOURNEY'S END! Across time, across space, from prewar Messatine to postwar CYBERTRON—it's all been heading towards this—the moment when the fate of the AUTOBOTS and the DECEPTICONS is sealed. At the heart of it all: three killers, two outcomes... and one terrible, terrible choice.

Check it out after the jump, but beware of spoilers within. And be sure to pick up the full issue when it's released next Wednesday, March 4!
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Transformers: Legends Game Event - Rules Of Disengagement - UPDATE!

Posted on 02-25-2015 at 02:07 PM by SilverOptimus under Video Games
tumblr_inline_nkapygXkBi1slbwep Pre-Registration for the next DeNA Transformers: Legends Team Event; Rules Of Disengagement is now live.

Event Description:

Aboard a dimly lit DECEPTICON spacecraft, TARN turns to KAON and asks for a situation update. KAON reports that everything is going to plan, and that they should be close to their targets soon. The leader of the DECEPTICON Justice Division nods, and prepares to set their ship down on planet Clemency.

On the surface, BLACK SHADOW seeks refuge in the wrecked hulks left behind from a previous war. On the run for taking bribes from the AUTOBOTS to destroy a fleet of DECEPTICON War Worlds, the Phase Sixer stops and takes a breath inside a ruined ship when he runs across FLYWHEELS and the other Scavengers.

As the group finishes their conversation, a crunching noise outside alerts them to the presence of TESARUS, VOS, and the rest of the DJD. Unwilling to roll over and die, FLYWHEELS and BLACK SHADOW draw their weapons and prepare for battle.

Will BLACK SHADOW and FLYWHEELS escape the clutches of the DECEPTICON Justice Division? Or will TARN and his deadly crew eliminate their targets with extreme prejudice? Find out on TRANSFORMERS Legends - “Rules of Disengagement”!

Update 02/26/2015:

"Dear TRANSFORMERS Legends Fans,

The Ultra Legendary reward cards are here! Beware, he is more powerful than any of his predecessors! Can you defeat the mighty TARN? Can you surpass the strength and power of this new challenge? Who will rise to the top?

Roll out,

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Official Images of RID One-Step Drift, Fracture and Thunderhoof

Posted on 02-25-2015 at 02:04 PM by Matty under Robots In Disguise (201x)
093b1da9980724e70f0e31248f496fc7ae922cc7 Thanks to TFW2005 member Nevermore for linking us to new product images of the Robots In Disguise One-Step Changer Drift, Fracture and Thunderhoof. We previously saw photoshopped versions of these figures back at Toy Fair, so these new images are much closer to what can be expected on store shelves.

Check them out after the jump.
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Transformers Rescue Bots Blurr Found at US Retail

Posted on 02-25-2015 at 10:05 AM by ORIO under Rescue Bots
RescueBlurr Reports are coming in from 2005 Board members of a new Rescue Bot toy sighting. Hollywood Hoist and ericepy report finding the "New Recruit", Blurr, at their local Wal-Marts in Washington and Ohio respectitvely. Along with Salvage and Hightide, Blurr makes up the new recruits for the Rescue Bots!

Be sure to tune into the Discovery Channel this Saturday for a new episode of Rescue Bots and post your toy sightings in our Sightings Forum!
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Diamond Comics Shipping list for March 4th

Posted on 02-25-2015 at 10:05 AM by ORIO under Comics
mtmte38 D-Drive has once again been nice enough to send us over next weeks Diamond Comic Shipping list! On tap for our beloved Transformers is the following:

TRANSFORMERS MORE THAN MEETS EYE #38 DAYS OF DECEPTION (also shipping subscription & 1-in-10 variants)

(W) James Roberts (A/CA) Alex Milne
JOURNEY'S END! Across time, across space, from prewar Messatine to postwar CYBERTRON-it's all been heading towards this-the moment when the fate of the AUTOBOTS and the DECEPTICONS is sealed. At the heart of it all: three killers, two outcomes... and one terrible, terrible choice.

TRANSFORMERS #38 DAYS OF DECEPTION (also shipping subscription & 1-in-10 variants)

(W) John Barber (A/CA) Andrew Griffith
THE ONYX INTERFACE! The AUTOBOTS and DECEPTICONS face down human forces-and strange battlelines make for strange allies. Who will emerge with the ancient ENIGMA OF COMBINATION... and who will usher in the COMBINER WAR...?


(W) Chris Metzen, Flint Dille (A/CA) Livio Ramondelli
OPTIMUS PRIME vs. MEGATRON. AUTOBOTS vs. DECEPTICONS. At the dawn of the conflict, battle lines are drawn and sides are set... now legends will be made. The war that would define a planet begins in earnest-and its revelations will shake the TRANSFORMERS' world to the core!


(W) Jim Sorenson, Bill Forster (A) Various (CA) Marcelo Matere
The Allspark Almanac is a comprehensive, one-of-a-kind atlas to the amazing 2008 Animated series universe. Giving fans behind-the-scenes secrets directly from the show's creators this volume is packed with full-color bios, character models, episode summaries, interviews, and more. Collects both original volumes into one book!


These Transformers decals are perfect for use on car windows, laptops, tablets and more. Made of high quality polyester and then printed, they will look great outdoors or in for a very long time! Choose from full-color full-color Autobot logo, full-color Decepticon logo, red Autobot logo, or purple Decepticon logo decals.
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The Rise and Fall of The Hub and Hasbro's New TV Strategy

Posted on 02-25-2015 at 09:29 AM by Matty under Other News
HUB_Logo_3D_1 It's no secret by now, The Hub Network simply did not pan out as planned. When launched, many Transformers fans had high hopes for the Hasbro owned TV network. Unfortunately as time went on, a short amount of time, reality set in that The Hub was simply not making money fast enough.

Adweek ran a story about the rise and fall of Hasbro's TV attempt, specifically "what went wrong with The Hub, and what the toymaker hopes will go right" in the near future.

With Robots In Disguise premiering on Cartoon network on March 14, this may be a good time to revisit the background of The Hub's downfall with interview pieces from Hasbro executives and other industry leaders, while also taking a look at Hasbro's plan for the near future.
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Transformers Adventure EZ Collection Campaign

Posted on 02-24-2015 at 08:56 PM by Matty under Robots In Disguise (201x)
BB TakaraTomy just updated their webpage to showcase a new promotional item featuring EZ Collection versions of Bumblebee, Steeljaw, and and Strongarm. Starting March 21, 2015, to celebrate the launch of Transformers Adventure (Takara's Robots In Disguise), these will be available at select outlets in Japan once you pass a certain spending amount.

Check out the figures after the jump!
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Drift Empire of Stone #4 Preview

Posted on 02-24-2015 at 02:29 PM by Sol Fury under Comics
Drift-Empire-of-Stone-4-1a IDW has released a preview of the conclusion of the Drift: Empire of Stone miniseries. In this concluding part of the story arc that brings Shane McCarthy back to the character he created, we have Drift, Ratchet and Gigatron on one side - and the soldiers of the titular Empire of Stone on the other! It's the final battle - be sure to pick up the concluding part of the miniseries to see how it ends!
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Q Transformers Episode 8 Released

Posted on 02-24-2015 at 11:35 AM by Matty under Japanese Transformers
Thanks to TFW2005 boards member Type-R for linking us to episode 8 of the Q Transformers. This video debuts Smokescreen and Blue Bluestreak! Enjoy!

Views: 1,233 / Credit: Type-R of the 2005 Boards!

Transform Your Easter With Transformers Themed Easter Items

Posted on 02-24-2015 at 11:29 AM by Matty under Other News
c440 The Easter holiday is right around the corner and stores are beginning to put out their Easter themed goodies. TFW2005 members have reported seeing a variety of Transformers themed oddities including ceramic mugs, foil cups with bendy straws, buckets for Easter Eggs, gift baskets, and tattoo sets. Of course most of these will come with their own chocolate eggs!

Check out what's been found after the jump and if you've found your own Transformers Easter themed oddities feel free to share!
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Masterpiece Star Saber and Masterpiece Tracks New Images

Posted on 02-24-2015 at 08:42 AM by Matty under Transformers Masterpiece
dm150407-929x1280 Coming off of the recently revealed Masterpiece Tracks prototype image, we've just received a new scan of images from Tag Hobby featuring a clearer image of the prototype, along with more images of the anticipated Masterpiece Star Saber. Interesting to note with this scan is the new set of images showing off the Brain of Courage and how it combines to form Star Saber.

Check out the new set of images after the jump and let us know if your opinion has changed for both Tracks and Star Saber!
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WTF@TFW Podcast episode 344 now online

Posted on 02-24-2015 at 08:37 AM by Matty under Site Updates
miyamoto_zpsmsbgim5u Toy Fair 2015 gets evener and RIDdier as Vangelus joins Aaron and TJ to totally not get caught in horrific tech problems while discussing all the fresh reveals!

You can download and comment on it here: WTF @ TFW - Episode 344

If you use iTunes and regularly subscribe to podcasts, you can add us to your player and have the software download each episode automatically each time we update. To do that, and give us a reviews on iTunes, click here: Transformers Podcast on iTunes.
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APS01U Optimus Prime Ultimate Edition Limited Premium Items Revealed

Posted on 02-24-2015 at 04:07 AM by Shin Densetsu under Transformers Movie
image The Transformers Asia Facebook page has revealed the limited premium items that will come with APS01U Optimus Prime Ultimate Edition:

APS-01U Optimus Prime (ULTIMATE EDITION) Promotion
"Limited Premium"

Get this die cast made "Mini Allspark Cube" and "Metal Card" (Serial Number) free when purchase "APS-01U Optimus Prime (ULTIMATE EDITION)" at selected stores in Asia.
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TFsource 2-23 Weekly SourceNews! MP-25 Tracks Now Up For Preorder!

Posted on 02-23-2015 at 02:17 PM by Sol Fury under Sponsor News
Our friends and sponsors TFSource have sent us their latest Sourcenews update - check out the headline listing of what is in this week's sourcenews below, and read on for the full update!

Greetings Sourcefans!
This week we have new preorders for items like MP-25 - Masterpiece Tracks, Fansproject - Lost Exo Realm - LER-03 Volar, BCS-01 Lonewolf, DMY Studios - D-06 - FPJ Intimidator - Add-on-Kit, and APS-01U Asia Premium Series - Optimus Prime - Ultimate Edition! We also have new instock items like Fansproject - Function X-V - M.A.D.L.A.W, ToyWorld - TW-06 Evila Star, Sentinel - Mega Drive Megatron - Sega Genesis Version - LE1000, ToyWorld - TW-D02 Muddy, Unique Toys - Ordin - O-03 Fenrir, and a restock of Reformatted - R-01C - Terminus Hexatron Continuum, KFC - EAVI METAL Phase Four: A - Transistor & HiFi, Old Time Series - OTS-02 Brawny and OTS-03 Backland, and Make Toys - Green Giant - Set of 6 Pieces! And Visit our sister site for non-transformers collectibles! All this and more in this week's SourceNews!

In this issue of SourceNews:
1. Now Up for Preorder - MP-25 Masterpiece Tracks!
2. Now instock - Function-XV M.A.D.L.A.W.!
3. Now Instock - ToyWorld's Evila Star/Devilstar!
4. 3rd Party Customs Instock and Preorders!
5. Now Instock - Japanese Legends Chromia and Wingblade!
6. TFSource New Recruits!
7. Make Toys Green Giant Restock!
8. Now back in stock - KFC - EAVI METAL Phase Four: A - Transistor & HiFi!
9. Now back instock - Badcubes' Brawny & Backland!
10. Unique Toys - Ordin - O-03 Fenrir Now Instock!
11. Now up for Preorder - APS-01U Asia Premium Series - Optimus Prime - Ultimate Edition!
12. Now up for preorder FT-12 Grenadier (Purple & Grey Versions)!
13. MMC Hexatron Continuum Version Restock!
14. theToySource Updates!
15. Source Blog Updates!
16. Newest Preorder items at TFsource
17. Newest Instock items at TFsource

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Play With This Too Kickstarter Goes Live This Friday

Posted on 02-23-2015 at 11:39 AM by Tony_Bacala under Other News
playwiththistoo We've been following the progression of PlayWithThisToo's upcoming action figure line here at TFW2005. While it isn't 100% Transformers related, it does have throwbacks to lines and themes we all grew up on and has several former Hasbro employees involved. For the past 6 months, new concept art for multiple characters have been revealed with the first physical prototype of Desolataur hitting as well. You can check updates and discussion for them all in the forums here.

We wanted to remind everyone that the Kickstarter for this project starts this Friday, February 27th, at 9 AM. If they make any of these figures, how many, and what awesome little bonuses we get all depends on the level of support you show. So keep an eye out on their Facebook page and here this Friday for details on where and how to support the project.
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Transformers Age of Extinction Wins Two Golden Raspberries (Razzies)

Posted on 02-23-2015 at 11:20 AM by Matty under Transformers Movie (Just Movie) (All Transformers Movie News)
Harold-Attinger-Kelsey-Grammer-Transformers-4-Age-Of-Extinction-Michael-Bay_1408216115 Many likely watched the Oscars last night, celebrating the past year's notable achievements in Hollywood. Earlier in the weekend though, a different round of awards were given out, described as "Hollywood's annual tip of the hat for the worst screen achievements of the year" - The Razzies.

The latest live action Transformers film, Age of Extinction, took home two Razzie awards: Kelsey Grammer for Worst Supporting Actor and Michael Bay for Worst Director. So a special congratulations to the two for their career defining awards for their contributions in Transformers Age of Extinction ...

In all seriousness, what does TFW think of the two Razzie awards? Deserving? Was AOE and Kelsey Grammer really that bad? Sound off after the jump and share your thoughts!
Views: 3,436 / Credit: Chris James of the 2005 Boards!

Generations Combiner Wars Menasor In-hand Images

Posted on 02-22-2015 at 10:05 AM by Matty under Generations / Classics
8lhUg5T Coming way courtesy of TFND, we have a great set of in-hand images showcasing the fully combined form of the Stunticon team: Menasor! There has been a split discussion among fans as to whether Menasor holds up to the high level that has been set by Superion. With only stock photography to go on mostly, these in-hand images are a welcome addition to help us decide if Motormaster and the Stunticon team is worth the pick up.

Make the jump to see some key shots of the gestalt and discuss on the TFW2005 boards!
Views: 17,238 / Credit: smf2045 of the 2005 Boards!

Transformers: Robots in Disguise Premires In Italy On March 7, 2015

Posted on 02-22-2015 at 09:56 AM by Matty under Robots In Disguise (201x)
TRANSLegal0-960x612 We're all anticipating the release of the new Transformers cartoon, Robots In Disguise, and fans in Italy do not have to wait too much longer. The new RID show is set to premiere March 7th in Italy, with a special early screening for kids on February 28th at select movie theaters!

If you're located in Italy, the premiere is just around the corner. Hit the discussion link to join in on the countdown.
Views: 2,592 / Credit: TFItalia of the 2005 Boards!

Masterpiece MP-25 Tracks Revealed!

Posted on 02-21-2015 at 09:32 AM by Matty under Transformers Masterpiece
B-VncAiCEAAp6YK Thanks to TFW2005 boards member Sup3hobo for providing us with our very first look at Masterpiece Tracks! Tracks is slated to be released as MP-25 and looks stunningly accurate to the cartoon model.

No word yet on the specifics of Tracks' release (accessories, ordering info, etc.), but news is sure to follow this first image fast as we get more scans of the page layouts. We'll keep you updated! For now, sound off after the jump!

Update: Site sponsor BigBadToyStore has just opened up preorders for Tracks!

As have TFSource.

Be sure to get your orders in!
Views: 19,125 / Credit: Sup3hobo of the 2005 Boards!

Combiner Wars Offroad In Hand Pictures

Posted on 02-21-2015 at 03:37 AM by Sol Fury under Generations / Classics
0wS1LKo Via TFND, we have a look at the newest addition to the Stunticons, Offroad. Offroad is explicitly referred to as being a new member of the team in his bio, and is sent on the missions the other Stunticons do not want to handle in order to win their trust. He's a decent looking little robot who adds some rugged off road truck action to the Decepticon stunt team, and he has a wicked looking axe. Check him out, and look forward to our own gallery of this guy and all the other new Combiner Wars releases!
Views: 10,928 / Credit: Dinobot Slug of the 2005 Boards!
Big Bad Toy Store