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TFCon 2014 - Third Party Post Panel Reveals

Posted on 10-25-2014 at 06:08 PM by Tony_Bacala under Conventions
DSC08553 Check out some TFCon 2014 post-panel third party case updates including X-Transbots Masterpiece scale Not-Megatron and more!

We've also included a youtube video of a pretty cool promotional video by KFC Toys seen at the panel.

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TFCon 2014 - Third Party Panel Coverage

Posted on 10-25-2014 at 05:00 PM by Tony_Bacala under Conventions
TFCon-2014-3rd-Party-001 TFCon 2014's Third Party Panel just ended, and we have a full set of slides available for those that couldn't be there to live vicariously through. Included are upcoming releases from:
  • BMOG
  • Play With This Too
  • BadCube
  • OmniGonix
  • Shapeshift Inc
  • TFC Toys
  • GigaPower
  • Bold Forms
  • ToyWorld
  • DMY
  • G.I. Eddie / Echo TF
  • KFC Toys
  • X-Transbots
  • Renderform
  • Mastermind Creations
  • Planet X
  • MakeToys
  • FansProject

Check out over 250 slides after the break! Also after the break - our notes of the information shared through the panel including a big reveal from FansProject in the form of a third party Dinoking (aka Japanese Transformers Victory Monstructor)
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TFCon 2014 - Third Party Dealer Room Reveals

Posted on 10-25-2014 at 11:10 AM by Tony_Bacala under Conventions
TFCon-2014-108 Hey look, some more third party stuff!

Here for your enjoyment we have some delicious pictures of:
  • FansProject Cubrar / Slag Diaclone version, a TFcon Chicago exclusive!
  • Maketoys Utopia / Metroplex
  • Maketoys Nemesis / Scourge via a Metallica album cover
  • NTF-01 Hercules / Devastator, NTF-02 Tyrannorsaur / Grimlock and NTF-03 Triceratops / Slag - all large non transforming Action Master style figures.
  • Renderform Chromey, Stormy, Iron Magnum and Rivet Gun for Swerve.
  • Mastermind Creations Vos, Turmoil, Seraph, plus Azalea and Feralcons.
  • Mastershooter Ballgag & Hustler for Generations Nightbeat and Armada Starscream
  • Toyworld Shinebug / Goldbug and his remold / redeco Bungee / Cliffjumper.
  • Toyworld Devilstar / Astrotrain, a Leader class sized version of the Decepticon triplechanger.
  • ToyWorld Grant / Grand Maximus, limited to 180 pieces and exclusive to TFSource, and his recolor based on Fortress Maximus.
  • Bullsfire Swoop
  • Play With This Too had a huge display of concept art, including Boneyard / Pretender Grimlock, Jetwash / Pretender Starscream, Bloodbath / Pretender Bomburst. It's not just Transformers in this line - they also have "Deep Earth Explorer" which is inspired by Inhumanoids...
  • Play With This Too also announced two new members of the team - Aaron Archer joins as a designer, and Simon Furman joins as the writer of the fiction for the series.

Feel free to discuss over on the boards here.
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TFCon 2014 - Third Party Pre Panel Reveals

Posted on 10-25-2014 at 10:57 AM by Tony_Bacala under Conventions
TFCon-2014-46 We're at TFcon Chicago 2014 with some great photos of the third party pre-panel display. There's lots of cool stuff on show including:
  • Maketoys Guardia / Defensor
  • FansProject's Quickswitch
  • FansProject Function X Skullcruncher
  • Custom Robots Revoltech Sixshot, Great Shot and Hound
  • TFC Toys Hot Spot and Groove
  • Bullsfire Swoop
  • Badcube Brawn and Outback
  • Unique Toys Troll / Blot
  • X2 Toys Godbomber armor for AoE Evasion Optimus Prime
  • KFC Toys Transistor (with metallic finish)
  • Shapeshift Inc Legends size War for Cybertron Starscream and Ironhide
  • Planet X Neptune

There's lots more cool third party stuff in this post and coming up shortly - be sure to check back for more news and images.
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New Transformers: Age Of Extinction Mobile Game Boss Battle - Galvatron

Posted on 10-25-2014 at 01:10 AM by SilverOptimus under Video Games
galvatron-exclusive-blueprint-images-from-transformers-age-of-extinction DeNA has quietly updated their Transformers: Age Of Extinction mobile game with a new Boss Battle; Galvatron.

About the Boss Battle:
While the AUTOBOTS are distracted trying to defeat LOCKDOWN and his soldiers, Galvatron is secretly waiting to strike against the AUTOBOTS when they are at their weakest. If his endless missiles don’t slow players down, Galvatron’s devastating punch just might.

Players must take down Galvatron and the onslaught of his army of Stinger soldiers by equipping their team with the best gear available. This will be the most challenging battle the AUTOBOTS have seen yet.

You can download the game for Android and iOS.

The front page image is not from the game.
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Reminder: TFcon Chicago is this weekend!

Posted on 10-24-2014 at 12:58 PM by Sol Fury under Conventions
A reminder to all of our friends in the Illinois area this weekend itching to attend a Transformers convention - TFcon Chicago, America's largest fan-run Transformers convention is taking place from today October 24th through to this Sunday October 26th 2014 at the Hyatt Regency O'Hare – 9300 Bryn Mawr Avenue, Rosemont, Illinois to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of the Transformers.

Come by to meet your fellow fans, take in some panels including a third party transforming toys panel and much, much more! Check out the Event Schedule for TFcon Chicago 2014 to see all the great things in store!

TFcon Chicago 2014 features a huge dealer room for Transformers merchandise, question and answer panels and autograph sessions with many special guests including ALAN OPPENHEIMER the voices of Warpath, Beachcomber, Breakdown and Seaspray in Transformers Generation 1 well as the voices of Skeletor, Man-At-Arms and Mer-Man from He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, in addition to DAN GILVEZAN best known as the voice of the Autobot Bumblebee in the original Transformers cartoon as well as the voice of Peter Parker/Spider-Man in the 1981 animated series, Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends. He also voiced Goldbug, Hot Spot, Outback, Rollbar, Scamper, Skids and Snapdragon in Transformers Generation 1, VENUS TERZO the voice of Blackarachnia in Beast Wars, AARON ARCHER former Hasbro VP, toy designer and creative lead for all Transformers partnerships, JAMES ROBERTS writer of Transformers More Than Meets The Eye, BOB SKIR story editor and head writer for Beast Machines, Transformers Comic Book artists ALEX MILNE, SARAH STONE, ANDREW GRIFFITH, LIVIO RAMONDELLI, CASEY COLLER, JOSH BURCHAM, JOSH PEREZ, KEN CHRISTIANSEN and BRENDAN CAHILL as well as former Transformers Creative Manager J.E “RIK” ALVAREZ.

Botcon 2015 to be held June 18th – June 21st in St. Charles/Chicago, Illinois

Posted on 10-24-2014 at 12:50 PM by Sol Fury under Conventions
BC_2015 Botcon has announced the dates for the 2015 convention. Botcon 2015 will be returning to the midwest for Botcon 2015 with Botcon 2015 being held in St. Charles/Chicago, Illinois.The dates for the 2015 show are similar to Botcon 2014 - so mark your diaries, Botcon 2015 will be held in St. Charles/Chicago, Illinois June 18th - June 21st 2015. Hotel bookings for the Pheasant Run Resort are also available.

Stay tuned to the official Botcon homepage for more information.
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D-Style Convoy New Images

Posted on 10-24-2014 at 08:34 AM by Sol Fury under Japanese Transformers
14 Amiami have updated with some new images of the D-Style Convoy figure. This figure is a licensed, non-transforming version of Convoy / Optimus Prime in a super-deformed "big head" style. He's got accessories including rifle, axe, Matrix, alternate hands and a little cutesified version of the truck mode. Check out these new images for a fresh look at this Convoy.
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Takara-Tomy Age of Extinction Black Knight Strafe

Posted on 10-24-2014 at 08:19 AM by Sol Fury under Transformers Movie Toys & Products (All Transformers Movie News)
blackknightstrafe Takara-Tomy will also be offering a new store exclusive release in December 2014. The Black Knight version of Strafe follows on from the other Black Knight releases such as Grimlock, Scorn and Slug, and rounds out Takara-Tomy's black decos of the on-screen Dinobots.

Black Knight Strafe will be offered as an exclusive through all stores that are in the Cybertron Satellite program. He's going to cost 3,200 yen at retail but expect that to rise on the secondary market.
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Takara-Tomy Carnivac Micron Campaign

Posted on 10-24-2014 at 08:10 AM by Sol Fury under Japanese Transformers
carniback Takara-Tomy have updated their website with details of a new Micron prize campaign. For November, they will be offering an Arms Micron Carnivac (named for the Generation 1 Pretender brought to life by Simon Furman in the classic Cry Wolf and Prey stories). This Micron seems to be inspired by the wolves on Lockdown's ship, called Steeljaw in the US line.

Carnivac is a redeco of Classics Mini-Con Overbite, and will be available in November exclusively through Toys R Us Japan with a purchase of 3,000 yen or more of Transformers products. He's limited to 10,000 pieces total according to Takara-Tomy's website.
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Masterpiece MP-11SW Skywarp is coming in January 2015

Posted on 10-24-2014 at 07:50 AM by Sol Fury under Transformers Masterpiece
22925e8c7b381827c9b6c34092a9146c Happy Friday! Transformers Asia has posted news that a lot of you have been wanting to hear - Hasbro Asia will be releasing a Masterpiece Skywarp using the MP-11 Starscream mold! That means together with the Hasbro US Masterpiece Thundercracker released in Toys R Us a while back fans can complete a definitive set of the Masterpiece Seekers!

Masterpiece MP-11SW is due out on January 5 2015 - it's Hasbro Asia's way of saying happy new year, Transformers fans!
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Hasbro Asia Human Alliance Barricade and Soundwave two-pack coming in December

Posted on 10-24-2014 at 07:47 AM by Sol Fury under Transformers Movie Toys & Products (All Transformers Movie News)
37ed688e466769da10c2fdffd7866f92 Transformers Asia has updated with the reveal of their next exclusive release in the Asia Premium series. They will be offering a two pack of the Human Alliance Soundwave and Barricade toys from Dark of the Moon and Revenge of the Fallen's toylines. This is a great chance to get these toys if you missed out on them before especially the Soundwave who never got a US release.

This duo is due for a release in December 2014, and given the "Asia Premium Series" designation may sport some flash new paintjobs, though the pictures so far do not support this.
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Robot Kingdom Newsletter 1245

Posted on 10-24-2014 at 07:30 AM by Sol Fury under Sponsor News
TFW2005 friend and sponsor Robot Kingdom dropped us a line with their latest newsletter! Some new preorders are available so be sure to read the full update after the jump!

#1 Hot News

Takara Transformers Asia Premium Series APS-03 Human Alliance Barricade &
Pre-order, Available in early December 2014.
Takara Transformers Asia Premium Series APS-03 Human Alliance Barricade & Soundwave. Preorder!Early December 2014

Hasbro Asia Exclusive Masterpiece Optimus Prime with Premium Gift.
Exclusive Gift Pictures Updated!
Available NOW!
Hasbro Asia Exclusive Masterpiece Optimus Prime with Premium Gift.

Perfect Effect MOTOBOT PE-DX03 Warden.
Pre-order, Available in January 2015.
Perfect Effect MOTOBOT PE-DX03 Warden. Preorder. Available in January 2015.

Unique Toys DX-9 D04 Amor Set.
Prototype Photos Updated!
Pre-order, Available next Week!
Unique Toys DX-9 D04 Amor Set. Preorder. Available in October 2014.

Takara Dual Model Kit DMK02 Bumblebee.
Pre-order, Available in March 2015.
Takara Dual Model Kit DMK02 Bumblebee. Preorder. Available in March 2015.

Hasbro Transformers Generations 2015 Leader Wave 1 Set of 2.
Pre-order, Available in early 2015.
Hasbro Transformers Generations 2015 Leader Wave 1 Set of 2. Preorder. Available in early 2015

Hasbro Transformers Generations 2015 Voyager Wave 1 Set of 2.
Pre-order, Available in early 2015.
Hasbro Transformers Generations 2015 Voyager Wave 1 Set of 2. Preorder. Available in early 2015

Hasbro Transformers Generations 2015 Deluxe Wave 1 Set of 4.
Pre-order, Available in early 2015.
Hasbro Transformers Generations 2015 Deluxe Wave 1 Set of 4. Preorder. Available in early 2015.

Hasbro Transformers Generations 2015 Legends Wave 1 Set of 4.
Pre-order, Available in early 2015.
Hasbro Transformers Generations 2015 Legends Wave 1 Set of 4. Preorder. Available in early 2015.

TFcon Chicago Exclusive RF-004X ONYX

Posted on 10-23-2014 at 10:27 PM by Jacer under 3rd Party Unlicensed
RFX004X_001 It is Thursday night of TFcon Chicago and we already have word of one of the first exclusives, RF-004X ONYX!

For sale at this weekend's first TFcon Chicago show, Toy Dojo will have a new P.A.X. head for the Toy World Orionvil repaint! This RFX-004X ONYX kit features a black helmet, silver faceplate and forehead crest, and painted red eyes, and comes with a crimson red Leo Justice sword. This version is a limited edition of 35 sets and exclusive to Toy Dojo. All 35 sets will be available at the show at their booth, located next to Renderform and Friends, and Fansproject Core.

Join the discussion after the jump!
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Warbotron Unofficial "Lightspeed" Prototype

Posted on 10-23-2014 at 11:28 AM by ORIO under 3rd Party Unlicensed
warbotLightspeed1 Courtesy of Mr. Elljay on weibo, we have prototype pictures of an upcoming figure from the 3rd party group Warbotron. Pictured here is their unofficial take on the Technobot, Lightspeed. This will most likely be the second release for their unofficial Technobots, following WB-03A (Afterburner). A release date is not provided with these pictures, but price was you can expect it to be the same for WB-03A.

Check out the new images after the break.
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New Transformers Concept Art

Posted on 10-23-2014 at 09:05 AM by ORIO under Transformers Movie (Just Movie) (All Transformers Movie News)
Grimlock-concept The official Transformers Facebook page has updated with new concept art featuring characters from Transformers Age Of Extinction. Click on the title bar to check out concept art for:
  • Lockdown
  • Grimlock
  • Strafe
  • Crosshairs
  • Scorn
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In-Hand, Final Images of Mastermind Creations R-08 Azalea

Posted on 10-23-2014 at 08:57 AM by ORIO under 3rd Party Unlicensed
azalea3 Thanks to the weibo page of Leopard Boxers, Eric Tan on Facebook, and 2005 Board user UranusDD, we have some in-hand and final images of Mastermind Creations R-08, Azalea. This take on IDW's interpretation of Arcee is shipping now. She features a cybertronian styled vehicle mode and twin swords and as we can see from these pictures, a ton of poseability. These pictures also offer us some comparison shots with Classics Hot Rod and Generations Voyager Springer

Take a look at the images after the break!
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Masterpiece Bumblebee In-Hand Images

Posted on 10-23-2014 at 06:52 AM by Sol Fury under Transformers Masterpiece
27475270d1414056949-mp-21-masterpiece-bumblebee-99_117112_5ef363504b213f5 Happy Thursday! We've got some great in-hand images of Masterpiece Bumblebee to share with you this morning, courtesy of dlarirang from ACToys!

You can see from these images that Masterpiece Bumblebee is appropriately short for his diminutive stature - he's around the size of a small deluxe. Worry not though because dlarirang reports that the transformation is satisfyingly complicated particularly with respect of the legs. The color is also described as being fairly close to the orange end of yellow - no bright yellow Bees here! It's noted that the fists are different from past Masterpieces and are a solid piece, without articulated fingers likely owing to the smaller size.

Check out the images after the break and get excited for the Masterpiece series release of the little yellow 'bot!
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WTF @ TFW Podcast Episode 326 Now Online

Posted on 10-23-2014 at 06:51 AM by Sol Fury under Site Updates
_DSC7050_zpsa2f873c3 Shortly before his 48-hour Film Project adventure, Vangelus debriefed some NYCC reveals with Aaron and TJ while discussing the taboo of saddles.

You can download and comment on it here: WTF @ TFW - Episode 326

If you use iTunes and regularly subscribe to podcasts, you can add us to your player and have the software download each episode automatically each time we update. To do that, and give us a reviews on iTunes, click here: Transformers Podcast on iTunes.

Transformers Primacy Issues 3 and 4 Subscription Covers by Sarah Stone

Posted on 10-23-2014 at 06:23 AM by Sol Fury under Comics
tumblr_ndk163WOEM1rojbapo1_1280 IDW's Tumblr has been active this week, posting up the cool subscription variant covers for Transformers Primacy issues 3 and 4.

Both covers are by the talented Sarah Stone and feature arch rivals locked in combat - Metroplex VS Trypticon for issue 3 and Optimus Prime VS Megatron for issue 4. Check them out attached to this post or at the links above!
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Takara-Tomy Legends Convoy (Optimus Primal) In-Hand Images

Posted on 10-23-2014 at 06:15 AM by Sol Fury under Japanese Transformers
hnCTn4q Via the twitter account of Yuki Ohshima we have some in-hand images of the Transformers Legends LG-02 Convoy aka Optimus Primal. This new release of the original 1996 Ultra Class toy from Beast Wars features the tweaked tooling originally used when the mold was rereleased in 2006 for the Beast Wars 10th Anniversary. For those unfamiliar, Yuki Ohshima was the artist who the Kiss Players manga, and designed the female characters for that series. Looks like he is on art for this new line - which could be interesting once the female Autobots come around... !

Takara-Tomy's own PR twitter has also released an in-box image of both Convoy and Rattle (Rattrap) along with the original teaser image of the femmebots Arcee, Windblade and Chromia, now un-silhouetted!
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Masterpiece Prowl and Wheeljack Sticker Sets

Posted on 10-23-2014 at 06:10 AM by Sol Fury under Transformers Masterpiece
27475279d1414060001-hasbro-ocean-design-licensed-stickers-mp-wheeljack-mp-prowl-1237492_745407045526 Via Meteor Operation we have learned that Hasbro Asia seem to have teamed up with Ocean Design to offer some official upgrade stickers for Masterpiece Prowl and Masterpiece Wheeljack. These sets add in lots of extra details like Wheeljack's sponsorship details or Prowl's chevrons on his shoulders. There are also some other optional ones on both sets, such as Chinese police logos for Prowl.

These are being offered now on Taobao and other sellers who carry the Ocean Designs stickers.
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MP-05 Masterpiece Megatron 30th Anniversary Exclusive In Hand Image

Posted on 10-23-2014 at 12:15 AM by Jacer under Transformers Masterpiece
10658973_935770409785105_7297257226353515338_o Wow that was quick. One of our sponsors, BigBadToyStore just updated their listing for MP-05G with a fresh out of box image. Megatron is spotting a new metallic gold chrome finish, separating itself from prior releases and reissues of the mold which showcased Megatron's traditional silver color scheme.

Think he will suffer from Gold Plastic Syndrome? Share your thoughts in the discussion thread!
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Loyal Subjects Jetfire

Posted on 10-22-2014 at 10:46 PM by Jacer under Generation 1
B0l-UuqCYAAj7Az The Loyal Subjects just posted via Twitter a teaser of what seems to be our first glimpse of possibly one of their wave 4 figures, Jetfire, along side a fan's sketch of the character. This is pretty exciting considering wave 3 is not released yet, nor is the full listing of characters for the wave. Another interesting thing is that on the side of Jetfire there is a hole for a button. A similar hole was used for Wave 2's Optimus Prime's speech box.

Join the discussion after the jump!
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Transformers: Age Of Extinction GAC Trumpchi GS5 SUV Commercial

Posted on 10-22-2014 at 10:23 PM by SilverOptimus under Transformers Movie (Just Movie) (All Transformers Movie News)
Transformers-Age-Of-Extinction-GAC-Trumpchi-GS5-SUV-Commercial 2005 Boards Member bellpeppers is sharing with us a very cool commercial for Transformers: Age Of Extinction, advertising the GAC Trumpchi GS5 SUV. You may remember that GAC was a sponsor for the movie and one of their cars; the Trumpchi e-Jet was even featured in the movie.

VFX Artist Joaquim Montserrat is sharing this video and he has this to say:

A commercial for GAC GS5, a chinese SUV that is sponsoring the Transformers 4 movie. This is the VFX edit as nearly 20% of the VFX were cut from the broadcasted edit.

This was graded in Resolve, modeled and animated in Max, rendered with VRay and composited in Nuke.

  • VFX Supervision: Julien Vanhoenacker
  • VFX Producer: Sahattaya Chantanop
  • VFX Artists: Joaquim Montserrat, Alejandro Garcia, Pichaya Popanyasak, Gabriel Maymon, Chanon Adisakkitti, Brad Lorimer, Natthakit Sarunsikarin
  • Compositing: Daniel Eggert, Ankit Vajpayee

You can find the "Making of" video at Vimeo as well.
Views: 2,468 / Credit: bellpeppers of the 2005 Boards!

Transformers: Legends Game Event - The B Team - Part Deux

Posted on 10-22-2014 at 10:10 PM by SilverOptimus under Video Games
tumblr_inline_ndv0w6xhWr1slbte5 The next DeNA Transformers: Legends event is now live. Titled as The B Team - Part Deux, the event features PIPES, SWERVE, SKYHAMMER, HUBCAP, OVERBITE and NAUTILATOR.

Event Synopsis:
With the surgical strikes perpetrated by BUMBLEBEE and his team a success, OPTIMUS PRIME orders PIPES to put together a team to protect a group of researchers at a seaside town.

As predicted, OVERBITE and NAUTILATOR attack the town, trying to steal the research for the DECEPTICONS’ leader. PIPES, SWERVE, SKYHAMMER, and HUBCAP strike back, intent on using their innate talents to keep their enemies from fulfilling their vile mission.

Will PIPES and his team prevail, or will OVERBITE and NAUTILATOR be able to destroy their diminutive enemies? Find out on TRANSFORMERS LEGENDS – “The B Team, Part Deux!”

This event is the second part of the 06/29/2013 event; The Bee Team.
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IDW January 2015 Solicitations

Posted on 10-22-2014 at 09:11 AM by ORIO under Comics
JansolicitsMTMTE37sub Comic Book Resources has updated their website to include solicitations for the month of January from IDW Publishing. Check out the list of comics to be offered below.
  • Transformers vs G.I. JOE #6
  • Transformers: Punishment
  • Transformers #37—Days of Deception
  • Transformers: More Than Meets the Eye #37—Days of Deception
  • Transformers: Drift—Empire of Stone #3
  • Transformers Animated: The Complete Allspark Almanac
  • Transformers: Dark Cybertron
  • Angry Birds/Transformers #3

Click the title bar to read the full solicitations and view the covers of these issues. But, be warned, spoilers may be present!
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WTF@TFW Podcast episode 325 now online

Posted on 10-22-2014 at 09:06 AM by StayingInTheBox under Site Updates
12092121high_zpsa00eeba6 Shortly before his NYCC 2014 adventure, Vangelus was joined by Seth Buzzard to talk a little business and a little ro…business.

You can download and comment on it here: WTF @ TFW - Episode 325

If you use iTunes and regularly subscribe to podcasts, you can add us to your player and have the software download each episode automatically each time we update. To do that, and give us a reviews on iTunes, click here: Transformers Podcast on iTunes.

Diamond Comics Shipping list for October 29th

Posted on 10-22-2014 at 09:04 AM by ORIO under Comics
mtmte34 2005 board member D-Drive has once again provided us with Diamond Comics Shipping List for next Wednesday, October 29th. On tap next week for our beloved Robots In Disguise is:

TRANSFORMERS MORE THAN MEETS EYE #34 (also shipping 1-in-10 and subscription variants)

(W) James Roberts (A) Atilio Rojo (CA) Brendan Cahill
THE DILEMMA! On a planet dedicated to Right and Wrong, four damaged AUTOBOTS must make an impossible choice: kill or cure? Whatever they decide, their lives will never be the same.

Click on the title bar to discuss!
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New Upcoming Takara Figure Images - Armor Knight Optimus Prime, Legends Fembots, And More

Posted on 10-21-2014 at 11:16 PM by Mechafire under Japanese Transformers
fo20113 Via TAG Hobby, we have new images from the latest Figure King magazine, showing off a few upcoming Takara Transformers. Among them are some new looks at the the Armor Knight Optimus Prime, Legends Arcee, Chromia and Windblade, Black Knight Dinobots Scorn, Strafe, and Slug, and also in-package shots of Masterpiece Bumblebee and a few other upcoming Takara Legends releases.

As can be seen here, all of these figures are done up to be more accurate to their past fictional depictions - Optimus has extensive remolding to resemble how he looked in AOE more, Arcee and Chromia have been colored to better match their G1 cartoon appearances, and Windblade has paint apps specifically matching the way she's been drawn by Sarah Stone in the IDW comics.

A few interesting tidbits can also be gleaned from what we see of Armor Knight Optimus here - it seems his face does not change by way of a simple removable faceplate as many had speculated, but by having two alternate faces built into his head. He also appears to have new boxart and comes already-posed in his famous AOE stance in the box.

Check 'em out and discuss after the break!
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